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Postgraduate research project

A combined experimental and modelling investigation of novel reaction pathways for value-added chemicals synthesis from CO2 utilisation

Fully funded (UK only)
Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree View full entry requirements
Faculty graduate school
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Closing date

About the project

As a researcher on this PhD project, your main objective will be to develop a combined experimental and modelling approach towards digitisation of CO2 utilisation techniques. You will investigate and optimise the overall performance of the process. Insights from this could help make CO2 utilisation more viable so it can help address the challenge of climate change.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology, also known as sequesration aims to separate, transport and permanently store CO2 to prevent its emission into the atmosphere. One disadvantage of CSS technologies is the possibility of CO2 leakage from the storage reservoirs. Further research is ongoing to investigate an alternative approach to utilise rather than just store the captured CO2

Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) produces valuable chemicals and liquid fuels by hydrogenation. There are a number of technical concerns with this type of conversion pathway, including a lack of available calalysts. Development of a dynamic model is needed to investigate the performance of this reaction pathway on an industrial scale.

You will work with researchers experienced in experimental and modelling techniques in our state of the art facilities. 

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