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Postgraduate research project

Advanced crystal-film engineering

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Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree View full entry requirements
Faculty graduate school
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
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About the project

Novel crystalline photonic devices offer exciting opportunities for creating efficient lasers and manipulating the properties of light. Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is an extraordinary technique using light to create new materials.

This project is aimed at developing new composite active-crystal structures and devices with advanced functionality and to advance the understanding and development of scalable concepts for growing single-crystal structures. This will enable a new generation of laser systems and advanced Photonics applications.

Your role will be to learn to grow, characterise, and utilise these PLD-grown advanced materials, using your experimental skills. Significant opportunities also exist for supporting modelling studies to augment the understanding of the complex PLD dynamics and device applications. You will work with other research departments within the university and collaborate with external partners at national facilities and foreign universities.

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