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Postgraduate research project

Low-loss photonic memories for quantum networks

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Type of degree
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree
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Faculty graduate school
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
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About the project

We are looking for a PhD student to join our interdisciplinary team of students, postdocs, and senior researchers developing systems for quantum technologies.

Using Southampton's state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, we will develop core components for interfacing quantum computers and networks. Unlike optical telecoms, where losses are tolerated and compensated by amplifiers, in the world of Quantum Technology, every photon is precious. This project will create new ultra-low-loss optical components, reducing losses and allowing us to create large, entangled quantum states. In particular, the project will develop quantum memories and switchable delays.

The project will look at various approaches including an all-optical fibre-based system, but also integrated atomic vapour devices. In this project, you will design, fabricate, and test these photonic systems. You will also work with experimentalists to validate the system. If you are interested in a PhD looking to do computer modelling and have the required skills, the project can also be adjusted for this.
If you have an interest in quantum technologies, photonics and micro-fabrication, you would be highly suitable for this project. You will benefit from our world-leading expertise in these fields and enjoy working in a highly supportive environment in our group in Southampton and collaboration with partner groups around the country within the UK National Quantum Technology Programme.
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