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Our student accommodation areas

Our large and thriving student population lives across many different areas, each with their own unique character.


Portswood is a large and diverse suburb with its own bustling character. One of the biggest attractions to this student area is its high street, which is full of shops, cafes, bars and a huge range of different restaurants. With its own train station (St. Denys) and a huge number of bus routes, you can get from Portswood to anywhere else, easily.

As a large residential area there is plenty of housing available here, which keeps prices reasonable. Portswood is also close to both Highfield and Avenue campuses, making it no surprise that this is the most popular student area - with over 25% of the residents here being University of Southampton students.


Swaythling is a large residential area that has been shaped by its proximity to the University. Wessex lane halls are situated at the edge of Swaythling, with Highfield Campus at the other end directly down Burgess Road.

The large number of takeaways and small shops makes Swaythling an attractive choice for many students who want to live closer to Highfield campus. Swaythling also has its own train station (Swaythling Station).

Wessex lane halls and City Gateway are in Swaythling.


Highfield is a small residential area with a strong community. Directly next to the 326 acre Southampton Common, it is a much more picturesque and quiet area compared to many other student areas.

Sandwiched directly between Highfield Campus and Avenue Campus, it is extremely quick and easy for students living here to get to lectures. However, there are far fewer student properties here compared to other areas.

Highfield hall is in Highfield.


Bassett is a large residential area which is still close to Highfield Campus, but is also much more convenient for students based at Boldrewood campus or Southampton General Hospital.

The area also houses many of Southampton’s sports facilities including the Southampton Sports Centre, Southampton Snowsports Centre, Southampton City Golf Course, and Red Lodge Community Swimming pool.

The halls complex of Glen Eyre is in Bassett.


Shirley is a large suburb that encompasses the edge of the city centre, its own high street with a variety of pubs, bars, cafes and small shops, and Southampton General Hospital.

Particularly popular with medical students, houses in Shirley are also excellent for those who want to live closer to the nightlife of the city centre, or for better access to the Waterfront campus.

Archers Road halls are in Shirley. Mayflower halls are situated in the city centre, just across from the Shirley border.


Winnall is a small residential area with a strong community, directly next to Winchester city centre and the Winchester School of Art Campus.

Proximity to the campus, as well as good access to a Tesco superstore makes Winnall the number one area for our Winchester based students.

Erasmus Park is in Winnall.

Winchester city centre

Winchester is a beautiful medieval city, with a huge number of pubs and bars squeezed into its small centre.

Because the School of Art Campus is on the edge of the city centre, some students do choose to live in the centre itself although prices are higher here.

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