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The University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art

Mr Ian Dawson 

Lecturer, Fine Art - Sculpture

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Mr Ian Dawson is Lecturer, Fine Art - Sculpture within Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

Ian has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions in New York, London, Paris and Berlin, including a recent commission for the Goss Michael Foundation, Texas. His interests lie in contemporary sculpture and collage. He is currently enjoying creating material-based workshops for the House of Fairy Tales, an anarchic travelling arts organisation.

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  • Dawson, I., Batchelor, D., Coombs, D., Barriball, A., Hiorns, R., Kessels, E., ... Banner, F. (2012). Making contemporary sculpture. Ramsbury, UK: Crowood Press.

Book Chapters

  • Dawson, I. (2020). Dirty RTI. In A. Jones, & I-M. Danielsson (Eds.), Images in the making: Art, Process, Archaeology (pp. 51-64). Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press.
  • Dawson, I., & Minkin, L. (2019). Terminal Hut. In A. Jones, & M. D. Gaurdamino (Eds.), Makng A Mark: Image and Process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland (pp. 214-257). UK and USA: Oxbow books.
  • Dawson, I., & Minkin, L. (2017). Objetos funerarios. In I. A. Hernández, L. F. G. Maza , & A. A. R. G. Rossi (Eds.), Más Allá Del Texto: Cultura digital y nuevas epistemologías (pp. 205-221). Mexico: Editorial Itaca.
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  • Dawson, I. (2016). Dirty RTI. Paper presented at Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference 2016 (TAG 2016), United Kingdom.
  • Beale, N., Beale, G., Dawson, I., & Minkin, L. (2013). Making digital: Visual approaches to the digital humanities. 240-247. Paper presented at EVA 2013: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London, United Kingdom.
  • Turk, G., Curtis, D., & Dawson, I. (2009). House of fairy tales. The Caravan of Fairy Tales, United Kingdom.

Creative Media and Artefacts

  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Jones, A. (Author), Diaz-Guardamino Uribe, M. (Author), Allison, T. (Artist), Baldrick, H. (Artist), Louisa, M. (Curator), ... Dines, N. (Artist). (2017). Annihilation Event. Exhibition, London: The Lethaby Gallery.
  • Dawson, I. (Author). (2017). Fidget Spinning and OHP Workshop. Exhibition, London: Freud Museum.
  • Balaskas, B. (Artist), Buchler, P. (Artist), Broomberg and Chanarin (Artist), Chell, E. (Artist), Dawson, I. (Artist), Minkin, L. (Artist), ... Wainwright, J. (Curator). (2017). Gestures of Resistance. Exhibition, Athens, Greece: Romanto Cultural Centre.
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2017). Pictures Not Homes. Exhibition, Winchester: University of Southampton.
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Wallace, O. (Arranger), Worboys, H. (Arranger), Whitehead, S. (Arranger), Haste, J. (Arranger), Zeng, B. (Arranger), & Clyfan, R. (Arranger). (2017). The Oneiric Re-combobulator. Performance, Somerset UK: Hauser and Wirth.
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Caro, A. (Artist), Dunseath, J. (Curator), & Wilshire, M. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Artist Boss: Anthony Caro, Ian Dawson, John Gibbons, Guy Martin and John Wallbank. Curated by Jenny Dunseath and Mark Wilsher. Exhibition, Wiltshire UK: The New Art Centre Roche Court.
  • Dawson, I. (Author), Clark, R. (Curator), & Fillingham, P. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). DRIVE THRU. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Dunseath, J. (Artist), Vhairi, M. (Artist), Minkin, L. (Artist), Jones, A. (Other), Diaz-Guardamino Uribe, M. (Other), ... Dickinson-Lilley, J. (Other). (Accepted/In press). Elbow & C&C Residency. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2015). Taplow House. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Minkin, L. (Artist). (2015). Taplow House 3D Prints. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Author), Dawson, I. (Other), Dawson, I. (Curator), Turk, G. (Artist), Atkin, K. (Artist), Gall, N. (Artist), ... Hawtin, C. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). The Wanderer's Nightsong II. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). Miru Miru Mega Yokunaru. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Atashroo, H. (Other), & Gilbert Peterson, O. (Other). (2013). Armada. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Caro, A. (Artist), Harvey, M. (Artist), Westwood, M. (Artist), & Locke, H. (Artist). (2011). Two and a half dimensions. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Other), Pratt, K. (Other), Mead, N. (Other), & Taylor, B. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Against grids. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Other), Blake, P. (Other), Turk, G. (Other), Creed, M. (Other), & Monroe, I. (Other). (Accepted/In press). Art Car Boot Fair. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Mann, F. (Curator), & Zoubok, P. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Collage, London / New York. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Other). (Accepted/In press). Eat me - drink me. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Collishaw, M. (Other), Webb, G. (Other), Emin, T. (Other), Titchner, M. (Other), & Kneebone, R. (Other). (2009). Eat Me - Drink Me. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), Whiteread, R. (Other), Blake, P. (Other), Smith, K. (Other), Turk, G. (Other), & Parker, C. (Other). (Accepted/In press). House of Fairy Tales, Horn of Plenty. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Lamb, P. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Cold climates. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). Mimiod Spirograph Free Fliers (Blue). Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Dawson, I. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Mimoid Installation. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Bond, B. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Mimoid installation 2. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). The fridge show. Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Author). (Accepted/In press). The immortals. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Muritu, M. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Law of Large Numbers (installation). Exhibition
  • Dawson, I. (Artist), & Robinson, J. (Curator). (Accepted/In press). Pencil (a drawing show). Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2003). Free Fliers. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2003). Tilt Trucks. Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (Accepted/In press). Artefact
  • Dawson, I. (Artist). (2002). 1365. Artefact
Mr Ian Dawson
Winchester School of Art University of Southampton Park Avenue Winchester Hampshire SO23 8DL

Room Number: 63A/1031

Mr Ian Dawson's personal home page
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