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The University of Southampton
About us

A Russell Group University

The University of Southampton is a founding member of the Russell Group - an organisation of 24 top UK universities committed to maintaining the highest research and teaching standards, and creating strong links with business and the public sector.

Our role as a member of the Russell Group

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Southampton offers world-class research facilities.

As a member of the Russell Group we are committed to:

The benefits of going to a Russell Group university

Membership of the Russell Group is widely considered an indicator of quality university education. Academics and employers all over the world recognise its significance.

Professor Martin Glennie is a world-leading medical expert who is leading the fight against cancer
Professor of Immunochemistry Professor Martin Glennie.

We attract world-class experts

Russell Group universities attract the best academics working on the most innovative research projects, thanks to the greater funding, facilities and support they offer.

Our leading academics include:

As well as having a huge social, economic and cultural impact, the work of these and countless other Southampton academics informs the curriculum of many of our courses, meaning that our students directly benefit from their work.

Better access to funding and resources

On average, Russell Group members receive more than 60% of the annual university research grant income in the UK. This means that we can provide you with the best possible resources and facilities.

Our higher income also means that we are able to offer more bursaries to students from lower-income backgrounds – making high-quality education accessible to all talented students.

Strong business connections

We pride ourselves on our strong connection to the business community.

All Russell Group members strive to maintain good relationships with business leaders in order to ensure that our courses are relevant for their needs, and that our research is helping to solve important issues they face.

Businesses which have a strong working relationship with us also frequently offer internship and apprenticeship programmes which are ideally suited to the skills of our graduates – increasing your employability chances.

[We] require the brightest graduates to keep us at the top of our game. As a leading Russell Group university, with excellent academic standards, Southampton provides a rich source of graduate talent for us to target.

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Our impact

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