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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research project: Mitotic role of protein phosphatases

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Regulation of cell division is coordinated by multiple signaling pathways and involves plethora of different activities. Kinases and phosphatases are among enzymes that are involved in this process. Here we want to contribute to a better understanding of how these enzymes control mitosis, specifically chromosome segregation.

Protein phosphorylation, a critically important post-translational modification that regulates all aspects of cell biology, has been studies intensively for the last 50 years. Protein kinases, enzymes that put a phosphorylation mark on their target substrates, are known much better than protein phosphatases, which remove phosphate group from their substrates, thereby counteracting kinase activity. We want to understanding the role that some protein phosphatases play during cell division. We investigate the mode of action, individual substrates and the regulation of protein phosphatases at the molecular and cellular level.

This project is funded by Wellcome Trust.

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