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Business Finance research

The department consists of an 18-strong team of academics and two distinct research clusters:

These clusters have long-established research strengths in empirical finance and international banking. Members are world leaders in research into banking crises and financial stability, asset allocation, market microstructure of exchange trade derivatives, forecasting of systematic risk using asset pricing models, empirical modelling of international financial markets and asset pricing models in a wide range of financial markets, together with related investment strategies. Their work on the relationship between liquidity, real activity and asset prices, is considered world-leading, as is that on international trade and development issues.

Published research

Research from the banking and finance clusters have been published in high ranking journals such as Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis, European Journal of Finance, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Forecasting, Review of Financial Economics, and Review of Development Finance.

Research funding

Recent successful external research funding includes the FP7 (European Union) grant on the modelling of high-frequency data in the markets for derivative securities, jointly with Southampton’s Electronic and Computer Science (ECS) department, headed up by Professor Frank McGroarty.

This stream of research has attracted more than £3.5m of funding to date, which supports a number of ongoing research projects. Frank leads multiple research teams who work closely with commercial sponsors on various projects. His own area of research is at the intersection of finance and technology and draws heavily on his prior career as a fund manager. The main focus of this work is quantitative modelling for forecasting and risk management, which encompasses not only financial econometrics but also machine learning, text-based sentiment analysis and multi-agent simulations.

Professor Simon Wolfe leads the research team examining international banking systems and markets. This includes bank branching activity, interbank market signals, uncertainty and social interaction in banking, bank funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), banking regulation, financial liberalisation and securitisation.

Professor Taufiq Choudhry leads the research team examining financial markets, asset pricing, international trade, financial econometric and forecasting. This includes the effects of the global financial crisis on the efficient market hypothesis in the stock market, on the UK international trade with developed and developing countries, and the econometrical comparison between different financial forecasting procedures.

Varied research approaches

Academics within the department use a range of diverse theoretical perspectives, such as regulation theory, network theory, agency theory, prospect theory and models of political economy, coupled with a similar variety of research methods, for example quantitative analysis, case study research, agent based modelling and grounded theory. This variety allows us to use complementary research methods; the potential for greater insights from such an approach are particularly prevalent in the areas of banking and finance where quantitative methods have traditionally dominated. 

Conferences, seminars and editorial roles

The department has organised and hosted a range of conferences in recent years. Below is a list of past and forthcoming conferences:

  • 2019 International Digital Finance Conference – forthcoming

We also have a regular seminar series where members of the department and external guest speakers present their work in progress and research projects.

In addition, several of our staff undertake research leadership roles such as editor or editorial board member of internationally recognised journals, such as the European Journal of Finance (Professor Simon Wolfe, Professor Taufiq Choudhry and Dr Fotios Papadimitriou, Editorial Board Members) and Research in International Business and Finance (Professor Frank McGroarty, Editorial Board Member).

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