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Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan MBA (Dist), PhD, FHEA

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Departmental Head of Research (Department of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan's photo

Mine Karatas-Ozkan is a Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Southampton Business School, University of Southampton (UK).

She is currently the Head of Research for the Department of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Previously, she held various leadership roles including Associate Dean Research (for the Faculty of Business, Law and Art); Director of the Faculty Graduate School and Founding Director of the Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Southampton. Her research focuses on sustainability and diversity dimensions of entrepreneurship from social inclusion and relational perspectives. Underpinned by a community-based approach and human-centred design techniques, her research aims to make an impact in addressing grand societal challenges by offering concrete solutions and intervention programmes. Her strong ideological conviction in the values and principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, thoughtful and engaged scholarship, and emphasis on relevance with rigour underpins all her academic practice.

She is committed to developing and mentoring doctoral students and early career colleagues further in their career path. PhD supervision and early career researcher development have always been very close to her heart and mind, which has recently led her take on the role of Vice-President Talent Development at the European Academy of Management (EURAM), building on her roles as the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium Lead Chair and Mentor over the years. In 2019, she was awarded EURAM Fellowship status for her extra-ordinary contributions to her research community and to the EURAM community.

She has had 17 PhD completions. She supervises and mentors a cohort of doctoral candidates pursuing programmes of research on sustainability, inclusive entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems and digital entrepreneurship, diversity management, gender studies and entrepreneurship, immigrant entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and SMEs, non-governmental organizations and institutional change, and strategy and institutional change in higher education, taking mainly critical approaches i.e. Bourdieusian and institutional theory perspectives to inclusive entrepreneurship. Some of her PhD students were internationally funded/co-supervised by colleagues in institutions such as University of Alberta (Canada), Jonkoping International Business School (Sweden), Institute of Management Sciences (IMS-Pakistan) and Institute of Business Administration (IBA-Pakistan).

She has (1) co-authored and (6) edited several books, which were published by highly prestigious international publishers (Routledge and Edward Elgar Publishing). Her (32) journal articles have appeared in leading academic outlets, such as Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society; European Management Review; Entrepreneurship and Regional Development; Journal of Small Business Management; British Journal of Management; Small Business Economics; R&D Management; Corporate Governance; International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism Management; Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, and International Journal of Management Reviews. She has also published (18) book chapters.

She teaches Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership on MSc programmes and Research Methods on PhD/DBA programmes.

Drawing on her experience of founding our research centre, Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CISEI) and her collaborative approach to research on diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship, her ambition is to establish a transnational research centre on women in leadership and entrepreneurship, with a mission to bring about transformational change, generate sustainable solutions to women’s issues in the context of leadership and entrepreneurship and influence regional, national and international policy in this field. She is interested in recruiting doctoral students in these domains.

Research interests

  • Sustainability and entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainability and leadership.
  • Women in leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion with implications for leadership in organisations.
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship.
  • Refugee entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership, strategy development and institutional change in universities.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems as context and macro-systemic institutional forces for entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Context (spatial and temporal) and links to entrepreneurship and policy.

PhD research

Her PhD was on nascent (student) entrepreneurship in art and design, underpinned by Bourdiuesian theory and multi-layered approach (macro-meso-micro level insights and implications for theory, policy and practice).

Supervisor: Professor Elizabeth Chell (Kingston University, UK).

Funding: Funded by the Institute for Entrepreneurship, School of Management, University of Southampton.

PhD supervision

Dr. Cağla Yavuz Özgören

Organisational responses to institutional complexities in higher education: The role of organizational habitus.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Jeremy Howells (University of Portsmouth, UK) and Sibel Yamak (University of Wolverhampton, UK).

Participated in WUN International Exchange Scheme; co-supervised by Professor Trish Reay (during the exchange period at the University of Alberta, Canada).

Dr. Melike Nur Tunalioglu

Socially inclusive approach to academic entrepreneurship.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Laura Costanzo and Yehuda Baruch.

Dr. Joseph Kimaro

Sustainable entrepreneurship and its impact for community empowerment as mediated by Tanzanian social enterprises.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Shahnaz Ibrahim, Vadim Grinevich (University of Wolverhampton, UK) and Pelin Demirel (Imperial Business School, UK).

Dr. Catherine Guest

Female entrepreneurship, emancipation and pathway to freedom.

Supervisory team: Professors Laura Costanzo and Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Dr. Huriye Yeröz

Entrepreneurial identity formation-in-practice: Immigrant women entrepreneurs' lived practices and experiences within gender, ethnicity and class relations.

Supervisory team: Professors Mattias Nordqvist, Freiderike Welter, and Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Dr. Javed Iqbal

Managing organizational legitimacies in times of institutional change – a case of humanitarian development NGOs in Pakistan.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Laura Costanzo.

Dr. Lalarukh Ejaz

Informal Women Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Institutional Logics and Institutional Voids.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Vadim Grinevich.

Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim

Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs: A Social Capital Perspective.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Dima Jamali (American University of Beirut, Lebanon).

Dr. Sarah Chahine

Interconnectedness in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Social Capital Perspective.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Vadim Grinevich, Julia Bennell, and Yuan Huang.

Dr. Linda Baines

Exploring responsible knowledge exchange.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Jeremy Howells (University of Portsmouth, UK).

Dr. Iain Lucas

Strategy formulation in social enterprises: Emergent strategies.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Edgar Meyer (University of Leeds, UK).

Dr. Shah Bano

Sea changes in Pakistani higher education

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and John Taylor (University of Liverpool, UK).

Dr. Muhammad Atiq

Sustainable Corporate Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Supervisor: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Dr. Bylon Bamfo

Capacity building for entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Supervisor: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and John Taylor (University of Liverpool, UK).

Dr.Rashid Al-Mataani

Hidden entrepreneurship in Oman.

Supervisors: Professors Pelin Demirel, Thomas Wainwright and Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Dr. Hien Nguyen

Sustainable entrepreneurship in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) within the Vietnamese Marine Protected Areas- The Intersection of Macro, Meso, and Micro Levels of Analysis.

Funded by the Faculty (FBLA) PGR Scholarship, University of Southampton.

Supervisory team: Professors Laura Costanzo and Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Dr. Salim AlRashdi

Religion and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Supervisory team: Professors Stratos Ramoglou, Vadim Grinevich and Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Current (ongoing) PhD supervision

Foteini Papadopoulou

Entrepreneurship, diversity, and non-opportunity: A scientific approach to disadvantaged individuals’ exclusion from entrepreneurial opportunities.

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Laura Costanzo.

Uldrich Suedhoff

Sustainable Business Models-Unfulfilled promises or a pathway to green growth? Can sustainable business models reconcile economic, sustainable and social value creation?

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Vadim Grinevich (University of Wolverhampton, UK) and Dr. Heli Helanummi-Cole.

Samuel Redgrave

The Impact Agenda in Business Schools: An Institutional Approach

Supervisory team: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Vadim Grinevich (University of Wolverhampton, UK) and Dr Dorrie Chao.

Nouf Alothman

Examining the Role of Institutional Forces on Shaping the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Context of Saudi Arabia

Supervisory team: Drs. David Baxter and Shahnaz Ibrahim and Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Primary research group

Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CISEI).

Research projects

Her funded (nationally/internationally) research and engagement programmes include:

1) Women in leadership, sustainable entrepreneurship and social inclusion in art and design

Funded by the Arts Council England (ACE), (£585,000), (2019-2022).

Principal Investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigators: Professor Yehuda Baruch and Vadim Grinevich (University of Wolverhampton, UK)

Collaborator: Louise Coysh (Associate Director, Art and Design, University of Southampton).

Research Fellows: Dr Linda Baines, Foteini Papadopoulou and Dr Melike Tunalioglu.

The project focuses on developing women leaders in art and design by taking a social inclusion approach. The research is underpinned by community-based action research and human-centred design techniques. It is a multi-partner collaboration, involving The Point, SBS and seven cultural and diversity organisations from Dorset, Bournemouth, Gloucestershire, Devon and Hampshire. It is a two-year community intervention programme with the objective to create a new framework for leadership in art and design and legacy-driven work placements for 16 talented emergent women leaders in art and design from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Drawing on the insights from the action-research component of the project, the focus is on removing barriers for those who may otherwise struggle to find a way into leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities.

2) Diversity and academic entrepreneurship in STEMM Research Base

Funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), Institutional Sponsorship Scheme, (£20,000), (2016-2019).

Principal investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigators: Professor Yehuda Baruch and Laura Costanzo.

Research Fellow: Dr Melike Tunalioglu.

This project has focused on the opportunities for, and barriers to, academic entrepreneurship in the UK universities by exploring experiences of academics with diverse profiles. The outcomes of the study have informed diversity, equality and inclusion framework and related agenda in the UKRI.

3) Sustainable entrepreneurship in eco-tourism: Case of Turkey

Funded by the British Council-Newton Fund Institutional Links Scheme, (£46,000), (2016-2018).

Principal Investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigators: Drs Pelin Demirel and Shahnaz Ibrahim

ECR/Post-Doc Research Fellow: Dr Emir Ozeren

This project was another intervention project that delivered human-centred sustainability solutions for entrepreneurs in the context of tourism in Turkey. Research findings have revealed gender-based differences to sustainable entrepreneurship.

4) Social entrepreneurship, diversity and social inclusion

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Funding scheme, (£10,000), (2016-2018).

Principal Investigator: Professor Laura Costanzo

Co-Investigators: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Dr Shahnaz Ibrahim.

Research Fellow: Dr Catherine Guest.

5) Entrepreneurial universities: role of technology transfer offices (TTOs) in emerging markets

Funded by the British Academy Newton Fund Advanced Fellowship Scheme, (£72,000), (2015-2017).

Principal investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigators: Dr Serdal Temel (Ege University, Turkey); Professor Jeremy Howells (University of Portsmouth, UK), Dr Vadim Grinevich, Dr Stratos Ramoglou

ECR/Research Fellow: Dr Cagla Özgören

This project forms the most comprehensive study of TTOs in Turkey drawing on a qualitative study of 32 TTOs (out of 35) across the country combined with a survey of academics and university leaders. The project has informed policy frameworks of the scientific council that determines funding and governance structures of such TTOs.

6) Business and environmental sustainability strategies of Turkish SMEs in agriculture

Funded by the British Council Knowledge Partnership Scheme, (£25,000), (2012-2014).

Principal Investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigators: Professors Jeremy Howells (University of Portsmouth, UK); Tolga Bektas (University of Liverpool, UK), Renan Tunalioglu (Adnan Menderes University, Turkey); Ferit Çobanoğlu (Adnan Menderes University, Turkey).

Research Fellow: Dr Cagla Ozgoren.

7) Sustainable entrepreneurship and social responsibility

Funded by the European Union 7th Framework, INTERREG-MSN project with Ecole De Normandie, France, (£176, 000: Our share), (2010-2013).

Principal Investigator: Professor Douglas Macbeth

Co-Investigator: Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan

8) Financing needs of gazelles

Funded by Santander Bank, (£30,000), (2011-2013).

Principal Investigator: Professor Jeremy Howells (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Co-Investigators: Professors Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Simon Wolfe.

9) Nurturing social enterprise: sustainability and growth, with implications for social entrepreneurship education

Funded by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), Higher Education in Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG) scheme, (£8,250), (2009-2010).

Principal Investigator: Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Co-Investigator: Dr Graham Manville

10) Entrepreneurial leadership for the sustainable growth of technology firms in India and the UK

Funded by the Internationalisation Funding Scheme of the University of Southampton, (£4,340), (2009-2011).

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

11) Knowledge workers in the age of digital economy.

Funded by the LASS Faculty Seminar Series Funding Scheme, University of Southampton, (£2,500), (2008-2009).

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mine Karatas-Ozkan.

Co-Investigators: Professors Susan Halford (University of Bristol, UK) and John Taylor (University of Liverpool, UK).

12) Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) Employment and Entrepreneurship

Funded by the ESF (European Social Fund), ESRC and EPSRC, (£7,680), (2006).

Project Lead: Professor Pooran Wynarczyk (University of Newcastle)

Principal Investigator: Mine Karatas-Ozkan

13) Collaborative partnerships in enterprise and innovation in higher education

Funded by the SET Squared Partnership, (£25,000), (2006-2007).

Principal Investigator: Professor Elizabeth Chell

Co-Investigators: Katerina Nicolopoulou and Mine Karatas-Ozkan

14) Gender and academic enterprise and innovation in the UK universities

Funded by the Institute of Physics, (£14,800), (2004-2005).

Principal Investigator: Professor Elizabeth Chell

Co-Investigator: Mine Karatas-Ozkan

Academic leadership experience

Her major academic leadership experience spans over 12 years, at senior-level positions:

European Academy of Management (EURAM) Vice-President Talent Development (2021-present)

Responsible for all forms of doctoral and early career researcher education/supervision/research activities and for leading collaborations with other influential European and global organisations.

Developing a Doctoral Accelerator programme to meet career aspirations and needs of doctoral students in different stages and with different choices of career paths.

Her engagement with EURAM dates back to her doctoral years, and since then she has taken on several leadership roles:

Doctoral Colloquium Lead Chair (2017- present)

Doctoral Colloquium Co-chair (2015-2017)

Founding Director of the Centre for Inclusive and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CISEI) (2016-2020)

Established CISEI with the mission to undertake cutting edge research on socially inclusive and/or sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, with a view to engage a diverse set of stakeholders in order to challenge and empower individuals and organisations to tackle critical equality, diversity and sustainability challenges in the context of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Created labs to represent clusters of activity blending research, impact and engagement.

Attracted many colleagues from across the world as speakers and collaborators with us.

Associate Dean Research (Faculty of Business, Law and Art, 2013-2018)

Formulated and implemented high-level strategic plan, framework and action plans for the Faculty. Overseen their implementation by managing budgets and leading people.

Provided leadership to develop and oversee the REF strategy and process by co-ordinating and managing three directors of research of three Schools, Business School, School of Law and Winchester School of Art, with 155 FTE research active staff.

Facilitated connections with the key stakeholders in the local, national and international communities to generate opportunities for research.

Director of Faculty Graduate School (Faculty of Business, Law and Art, 2010-2013)

Led the Graduate School for the Faculty consisting of three Schools with 225 doctoral students.

Responsible for the strategic direction and operations of the Graduate School, including identifying strategic areas for doctoral research and developing PGR scholarships accordingly.

Programme Director, BSc Management with Entrepreneurship (2008-2011)

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Book Chapters



Working Papers

She teaches Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership on MSc programmes and Research Methods on PhD/DBA programmes.

Previously she taught the following courses at the University of Southampton:

  • Social Entrepreneurship (MSc).
  • Preparing for your viva (PhD).
  • Strategy and Leadership in Entrepreneurial Ventures (MSc).
  • Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing (MSc).
  • Corporate Venturing (MSc).
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Ventures (MSc).
  • International Entrepreneurship (BSc-Third year).
  • Entrepreneurial Management (BSc-Second year).
  • Small Business Management (BSc-Second Year).
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (BSc-First Year).

EURAM (European Academy of Management)

EURAM Fellow

Vice-President Talent Development

Lead Chair of Doctoral Colloquium

Scientific Council member

Grants Committee member

Member of the Organising Committee of the EURAM 2013, Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

Expert Assessor for UK National Commission for UNESCO

Review Panel Member for UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs programme.

Expert Reviewer for Swiss National Science Foundation

Reviewer for SNSF Research funding applications.

INTERREG-MSN Cross-Channel project between UK and France

Chair of two international conferences:

1st International Conference on Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Innovation, 3-4 Nov 2011, Caen, France; Co-chaired by Roland Condor (EM Normandie, France).

2nd International Conference on Socially Responsible and Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation, to be held on 1-2 Nov 2012, Southampton, UK; Co-chaired by Katerina Nicolopoulou (University of Southampton); Roland Condor, Dorra Yahiaoui, Khaled Saadaoui (EM Normandie, France).

Visiting Professor at Galatasaray University, Istanbul Turkey (2011)

Associate Editor in Entrepreneurship, CSR and Strategy

European Management Review (2016-2018).

Guest editorial experience

Karatas-Ozkan, M., Anderson, A.R., Fayolle, A., Howells, J. and Condor, R. (2014) 'Understanding entrepreneurship: challenging dominant perspectives and theorising entrepreneurship through new post-positivist epistemologies', Journal of Small Business Management.

Karatas-Ozkan, M.; Nicolopoulou, K.; Inal, G. and Özbilgin M. (2011) Cross-cultural Dynamics of Family Businesses from a Diversity Perspective, International Journal of Cross Cultural Management.

Bourne, D., Inal, G. and Karatas-Ozkan, M. (2011) Understanding dynamics of careers through multiple strands of equality and diversity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Chell, E., Karatas-Ozkan, M., and Nicolopoulou, K. (2010) Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

Nicolopoulou, K., Karatas-Ozkan, M. and Tatli, A. (2007) Global Knowledge Workers, Equal Opportunities International.

Professor Mine Karatas-Ozkan
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK

Room Number : 2/6037

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