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Centre for Applied Science in Project Management (CENTAS∙PM)

Research continues to demonstrate that organisations fail to deliver successful project outcomes. Project Management as an industry led disciple, lacks some of the academic underpinning in conceptualised approaches. Project cost and time overruns have profound impact on companies and national economies alike. 

CentasPM aims to leverage on current trends and research opportunities while providing academic rigour for the global project management community.

The Centre for Applied Science for Project Management (CentasPM) is a leader at the forefront of cutting-edge research and enterprise within the University of Southampton Business School’s Operations, Projects, Purchasing and Supply group

CentasPM is a multi-disciplinary team of academics and industry experts who have developed local, national and international reputation for excellence in the related fields of decision making, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, innovation, risk research, knowledge management, soft skills development, sustainability and competitive positioning. In these areas we have undertaken successful research grant applications, regularly publishing papers in international journals and deliver world leading consultancy and professional short courses.

We strive to achieve positive impact on businesses, economy and social environments with the aim of strengthening collaboration between academia and industry.

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CentasPM provides research informed insights through a wide range of theoretical and methodological positions by drawing on relevant research in other disciplines such as economics, strategy, operations management, decision making, organisational behaviour and knowledge management.

Current research interest include:

  • Programme and Portfolio Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Digital Project Management
  • Disruptive Technology Management
  • System Dynamics
  • Benefits Realisation Management
  • Knowledge intensive projects and internal knowledge transfer to achieve
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Risk radars and knowledge based project management decision making
  • Agile Project Evaluation (Realist Evaluation - The Agile Way)

For further information please contact Dr Serkan Ceylan at

Current Doctoral Programme Topics:

PhD Candidate: M.H.M. Alharithi

Working title: Exploring the integration of sustainability in project management within the Saudi Arabian non-governmental organisations sector.

PhD Candidate: F. H. E. Kockum

Working title: Artificial Intelligence acting as a collaborative project team member (This PhD is funded by EPSRC)

Current Masters Programme:

MSc Project Management

Short Courses:

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Real solutions for real world problems.

CentasPM offers a variety of project management short courses to the general public. You can join our scheduled short courses or we can help you design a tailored short course.

For further information please contact Dr Serkan Ceylan at

AgileFrame short course:

Improve your knowledge of project management and gain insight into agile and traditional project environments on this professional short course available to the public. AgileFrame combines the world’s most popular project management methodologies, tools and techniques, allowing delegates to better understand traditional and agile project environments.

You’ll become familiar with the different philosophies and principles of project management from a knowledge-based perspective. Using this method as a context to achieve competitive advantage or innovation, for example, allows practitioners to use current best practice as a flexible mechanism to achieve the desired project output and benefit. 

This dynamic project management view also provides maximum flexibility and scalable methods for managing a wide range of projects across any sector. 

If you would like to take your skills to a higher level, we also offer a full MSc Project Management.

Who is the course for?

This short course is ideally suited to delegates who want to upskill their project management knowledge and gain a further understanding of project management tools, techniques, and methodologies.

The course is suited to delegates at all stages of their project management career. There is no prerequisite for entry. 

For more information please click on this link: AgileFramePM

Find out about upcoming events and the latest news

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CentasPM members collaborate with researchers, practitioners, and professional institutions worldwide and disseminate their work at international conferences. The Centre also actively promotes and hosts conferences and seminars which address a range of project management related subject areas.

Current Events and Seminars include:

Next Generation Event

Date: 26 March 2019

Speaker: CheckRisk LLP,   Claritum Limited,  Chainvine Limited                     
Sponsor: ESRC

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Event

Date: 16 May 2019
Speaker: Stephen Woodhouse (Innovate UK)        
Sponsor: Southampton Business School

Quickbite Session

Date: 22 May 2019
Speaker: Dr Serkan Ceylan
Sponsor: Southampton Business School

Project management (PM) and artificial intelligence (AI) symposium

Date: 29 October 2019
Dr Nicholas Dacre and Dr Serkan Ceylan
Sponsor: APM

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Professor Stephen Brown Professor; Head of OPPS
Dr Serkan Ceylan Director of CentasPM
Dr Nicholas Dacre Associate Professor; Associate Director (Research and Innovation) for CentasPM
Dr David Baxter Associate Professor of Innovation; Faculty of Social Science
Dr Alastair Marshall Associate Professor in Risk Management Faculty of Social Science
Dr Yu (Jack) Gong Lecturer in Operations Management Faculty of Social Science
Ms Vanessa Mar-Molinero Senior Teaching Fellow; Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Professor Martin Kunc Professor; Faculty of Social Science
Dr Ramesh Vahidi Programme Leader MSc Project Management; Faculty of Social Science

The importance of project management has grown greatly over recent years. Academics at the Centre for Applied Science in Project Management (CentasPM) reflect critically upon contemporary foundations, pressures and techniques. To support the growth within the project profession we continually develop new ideas and approaches to inspire research into the project profession.

The discussion document can be downloaded using the image below:

Download PDF
Download PDF

This discussion document is a joint effort from the Centre for Risk Research (CRR) and the Centre for Applied Science in Project Management(CentasPm). Its purpose is to generate challenging discussion points on risk intelligence production on complex projects. Recognising the need for some flexibility in allowing readers themselves to form a view of exactly what should differentiate risk intelligence production from other similar and overlapping practices, we concentrate on drawing attention to a range of matters which we think managers need to consider to achieve proficiency. Professionalism in risk intelligence production, as we perceive it in very broad outline, comprises professionalism in handling information in general and risk information especially. It also extends to encompass what we will call risk knowledge development. We explain how this professionalism may be achieved through the application of some very relevant ideas and practices from the intelligence management and knowledge management disciplines. 

Other discussion documents to follow soon. If you like to contribute or get involved in a future discussion document contact Dr Serkan Ceylan at

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