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Advanced Project Management Research Centre

People, Technology & Processes (PPT)

Learn more about our 3 big themes.


Project management is about change, and People are at the heart of change with project professionals currently facing unprecedented changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such we are currently leading a number of vital COVID-19 related project management studies to analyse the challenges and opportunities for project management teams in a COVID-19 World.

Projects which are affected by COVID-19 need to evaluate, understand, and respond to current and future organisational, environmental, economic, and individual changes.

Focusing on People allows us to investigate these challenges through a variety of complex and novel projects across a rapidly changing social and economic landscape.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and the use of Big Data in complex projects, are becoming even more relevant for current and future project management opportunities. As such, our research community works closely with project organisations and professionals to improve the use of innovative technologies to create better project outcomes.

We currently engage with a number of high-profile research projects focusing specifically on the use of AI and Big Data in project management, and welcome the opportunity to discuss and engage with organisations and individuals using or considering the implications of using these technologies for project management.  


Project Management is fundamentally interdisciplinary. No sector has a monopoly on wisdom and we embrace that reality. Sometimes a research group has a new idea, other times it’s industry, other times it’s government. But there aren’t any real places where all three can come together and work together on common problems.

Our research on Smart Hybrid Project Management goes beyond simple binary arguments. We draw on our expertise and open innovation approach to examine how projects can adopt best fit or best practices, whether through applying Agile Project Management, Waterfall Project Management, or Smart Hybrid Project Management. 

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