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Centre for English Identity and Politics

Director's blog

An occasional blog by our Director Prof John Denham and a link to his personal blog, The Optimistic Patriot


Labour's statecraft - governing for change

Is it time to revisit the old assumption that England is too big to have its own national institutions within the United Kingdom? 

John Denham explains how the government is now applying the same centralist Anglo-centric British nationalism to the governance of England as it is to the rest of the Union.

Blog by Prof John Denham and Dr Lawrence McKay published by Prospect.

Labour and the Hartlepool by-election.

St George's Day thoughts on how the people of England view England, Britain and the union.

Prof Michael Keating’s new book was published on 9th April. I was invited to make some remarks at a pre-publication discussion at the PSA’s annual conference in March 2021. I focused on what Michael describes as the ‘loss of the polyvalent union’.

A discussion on the census.

Prof John Denham and Dr Lawrence McKay explore whether the debate on England's governance is held back by the identities and outlooks of England's elites.

 English Heritage's 'flag of names, carries the 32,000 most common surnames in England. Prof John Denham, who advised on the project, explains why England's story must include the stories of everyone who is living here today.





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