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Centre for English Identity and Politics


English Democracy: England, electoral reform and the future of the United Kingdom

In this report for Compass and Unlock Democracy, CEIP Director Prof John Denham argues that both electoral reform for Westminster and the establishment of a democratic system of government for England are essential both for England and for the future of the UK. He also highlights their importance for Labour strategy

Labour's statecraft - governing for change  In this paper, Prof John Denham, Director of the Centre for English Identity and Politics, and Prof John Wilson, Kings College, London, consider whether the centralised union state has the capacity to deliver the social and economic changes sought by the Labour Party. They argue that effective reform will require a different form of statecraft based on pluralism, the empowerment of local institutions to shape their local areas, and an understanding of the UK as a union of nations held together by shared purpose and consent. The role of central government should be to lead, coordinate and broker relationships across the union but not to impose. They set out an incremental process of reform. A shorter blog about the paper can be accessed here.

Nationhood and Belonging: The purpose of patriotism: Renewal Vol 29 No 4

England and the Union: 'The separation of the government of England from that of the Union is the single most important reform in re-establishing a robust and shared union that can prosper in the 21st century'. Evidence to the House of Lords Constitution Committee.

'Beyond a 90-minute nation: why it's time for an inclusive Englishness outside the statement' A joint report by British Future and the Centre for English Identity and Politics.

English Devolution: Evidence to the Public Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee enquiry: The Evolution of Devolution: English Devolution. November 2020

Labour, England, Scotland and the Union by Prof John Denham, Rory Scothorn and prof Mike Kenny, are drawn from presentations to a seminar hosted by the Centre for English Identity and Politics in October 2020. The seminar addressed a range of issues confronting the Labour Party as it considers the future of the union.'

'Mind the values gap': Review of 'Mind the Values Gap' (UK In a Changing Europe), published in Political Quarterly, August 2020.

Brexit and Beyond; England: Article (p93) in Brexit and Beyond, UK In a Changing Europe, January 2020.

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