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The University of Southampton
Centre for English Identity and Politics


Nationhood and Belonging: The purpose of patriotism: Renewal Vol 29 No 4

England and the Union: 'The separation of the government of England from that of the Union is the single most important reform in re-establishing a robust and shared union that can prosper in the 21st century'. Evidence to the House of Lords Constitution Committee.

'Beyond a 90-minute nation: why it's time for an inclusive Englishness outside the statement' A joint report by British Future and the Centre for English Identity and Politics.

English Devolution: Evidence to the Public Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee enquiry: The Evolution of Devolution: English Devolution. November 2020

Labour, England, Scotland and the Union by Prof John Denham, Rory Scothorn and prof Mike Kenny, are drawn from presentations to a seminar hosted by the Centre for English Identity and Politics in October 2020. The seminar addressed a range of issues confronting the Labour Party as it considers the future of the union.'

'Mind the values gap': Review of 'Mind the Values Gap' (UK In a Changing Europe), published in Political Quarterly, August 2020.

Brexit and Beyond; England: Article (p93) in Brexit and Beyond, UK In a Changing Europe, January 2020.

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