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The University of Southampton
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Dr Khaled M H Mohammed BSc, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow in Synchrotron Methods for Catalysis

Dr Khaled M H Mohammed's photo

Dr. Khaled M. H. Mohammed is a Research Fellow in Synchrotron Methods for Catalysis within School of Chemistry at University of Southampton, UK.

Operando (in situ), time-resolved, combined XAFS techniques for probing structure-activity correlations under real conditions are essentials for developing current and future catalytic materials. 

Khaled obtained his BSc in 2001 and MSc in 2007 from Sohag University, Egypt. He then moved to the UK to undertake PhD studies (2010 - 2014) at the School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, under the supervision of Professor John Evans, working on preparation and in situ characterisation of supported metal/metal oxide nanoparticles for their catalytic applications in vehicle exhaust catalysis. After obtaining his PhD, he moved to the University College London (UCL) as a “Research Associate” to work with Professor Richard Catlow (2013 - 2015). From 2015 - 2019, he worked as a “Lecturer” at the Department of Chemistry, Sohag University (Egypt). He joined the School of Chemistry at University of Southampton (UK) as a postdoctoral “Research Fellow” in Synchrotron Methods for Catalysis working with Dr. Peter P. Wells in the GCRF-START project.

Khaled’s research focuses on developing in situ and Operando methods for establishing structure-function relationships in catalysis. The research utilizes many advanced spectroscopic techniques with a particular emphasis on synchrotron radiation facility at Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK, particularly using time-resolved, combined XAFS techniques, to an understanding the structure-activity correlations in catalysis under operating conditions.

Research interests

Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanomaterials Preparation, Operando combined techniques (XAFS/DRIFT, XAFS/Raman, XAFS/MS, XAFS/XRD), Sustainable Energy, Supported Metal/Metal Oxide Nanaoparticles, Porous framework architectures, In situ Catalysts Characterization

Research group

Molecular Assembly, Function and Structure

Affiliate research group

Functional Inorganic, Materials and Supramolecular Chemistry

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Dr Khaled M H Mohammed
Building 59, Room1201, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number NNN: 29/7023

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