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The University of Southampton

Research project: Tavassoli: HIV Research

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Our research targets several stages of the HIV life cycle. We have uncovered compounds that prevent the budding of HIV from infected cells, by inhibiting a key protein-protein interaction. We are also working to uncover compounds that inhibit viral entry into human cells by preventing the interaction of key proteins in that process.

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After infection, integration and replication of the viral genome by the host cell the virus must re-infect other cells in order to propagate. To this end, virus particles leave the host cell in a process termed viral budding. At the root of this is the interaction the viral GAG protein with the human TSG101 protein.

We have uncovered and developed inhibitors of this protein-protein interaction, that inhibit HIV budding (unpublished data) and work is underway in our laboratory to further study and develop these compounds.

Inhibitors of HIV Entry
HIV infection requires binding of the viral gp120 protein to the human CD4 receptor. We are currently working to uncover inhibitors of this interaction.

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