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The University of Southampton

Research project: Grossel: New materials for Optoelectronics Applications

Currently Active: 

Exposed Bragg gratings on a planar waveguide are sensitive to changes in the refractive index on the surface. In collaboration with Prof. Peter Smith (ORC, Southampton) we are currently exploring surface modification of such gratings by incorporation of binding sites which will change their optical behaviour in the presence of particular substrates.

We wish to monitor any resulting changes by a combination of techniques including refractive index changes and absorption and luminescence properties of suitably functionalised hosts and guests. We are exploring investigating the effect of changing surface complexation properties via optical switching of a tethered covering layer by incorporating components such as azobenzene units.

In collaboration with Dr Richard Curry (University of Surrey) we are currently exploring the optical properties of novel pyridine dicarbonyl-cored and β-diketonate complexes of lanthanide and other metal ions. This work will greatly benefit from access to instrumentation capable of monitoring the luminescence behaviour of such systems.

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