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The University of Southampton

Research project: Rios: Synergistic catalysis

Currently Active: 

Synergistic catalysis, in which two catalytic cycles involving two separate catalysts work in concerted fashion to create a single new bond, has emerged as a powerful approach for the development of new reactions.

The concurrent activation of both nucleophile and electrophile using distinct catalytic species facilitates the enhancement of inherent chemical reactivity and allows for the synthesis of complex scaffolds that might be difficult to obtain otherwise (Figure 1). While synergistic catalysis is more prevalent in nature, the principle has now begun to emerge as a recognized and valued approach to bond-forming processes in organic chemistry.

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Currently our research group is actively working in this area. For example we developed new methodologies for the synthesis of spiro compounds,2,4,5 azaarenes1,3, or cyclopropanes6 with excellent results.


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