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Courses / Modules / ARTD3064 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When you'll study it
Semester 1
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Alice Janssens
Academic year

Module overview

‘Digital Marketing’ provides you with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of digital marketing techniques and a practical understanding and critical insight into data driven marketing. The module will teach you to develop a successful digital creative strategy for fashion and plan a digital marketing campaign. Accredited by the Institute of Digital Marketing, the curriculum covered in this module has been mapped against the requirements of the IDM to support you to sit the optional Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing exam (written by the Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM)) at the end of your final year of study. The IDM qualification is highly sought after by employers, and has been mapped alongside our own degree to ensure we equip you with the best opportunities for a successful marketing career with the most up to date digital marketing competencies dramatically boosting career prospects.

Due to the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) accreditation (, you must successfully complete and pass this module to be eligible to sit the IDM exam. If you opt to take this exam (optional), it will take place at the end of your third and final year (approx. timings May- June). You must register to take the exam via the IDM website independently. Registration is open until the end of April of your final year. You will receive confirmation if you have passed the module by February of your final academic year, to allow time to register with IDM. Payment to take the exam is made at the time of registration to the IDM – see cost implications below.

In order to gain the Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing, you must gain at least 60% in the IDM set examination. Note: the examination questions will not necessarily be related to fashion contexts or brands.