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Courses / Modules / ARTD3073 Major Project (Games Design and Art)

Major Project (Games Design and Art)

When you'll study it
Semester 2
CATS points
ECTS points
Level 6
Module lead
Adam Procter
Academic year

Module overview

This module enables you to develop a game artefact into final production based on your work in the Project Proposal module. You will work independently or within a team to realise an ambitious and outward facing project. The completed project will feature a fully realised outcome, referred to as an Alpha or Beta product that will be of marketable quality. This will have been developed using methods and approaches undertaken throughout your study in a sustained and focussed way. You will create and build a public profile of your project via sources such as social media and web sites along with a documentary film on the making of your project.

During the module, you will create, test, market and build a professional quality project suitable for either general release or a showcase build that can be played publicly within events or presented to publishers in an appropriate format.

The work from this module will be part of two public facing pop up arcade events to showcase your projects.

Your process documentation and reflective outputs alongside your portfolio of specific assets will be produced in an online format, suitable to best communicate your learning, for example as an illustrated blog with associated materials.

Your portfolio should consist of all studio work developed over the course of the semester, including evidence of workshop and tutorial activities, all sketchbooks, research, annotation and preparatory material alongside outcomes as directed.