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Research project: Concepts of access for people with learning disabilities: towards a shared understanding (Nind) - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

October 2005 - October 2007

A series of six invited seminars with the aim of advancing, through inter-disciplinary debate, our shared theoretical framework and understanding of the concept access for people with learning difficulties.

The objectives were:

  • To bring together, in ongoing, focused discussion, people with learning disabilities, a range of practitioners including educators and health professionals, advocacy groups and rights campaigners, and new and experienced researchers;
  • To engage in shared questioning of the concept of access: Access for what purpose? How do people experience access? What is worth accessing? What kind of access do people with learning disabilities want? How can access be enabled and evaluated? 
  • To stimulate and enrich the debate about access for people with learning disabilities with input from researchers working on access across a range of fields and disciplines; 
  • To enhance clarity around the concept of access for people with learning disabilities without over-simplifying what is involved; 
  • To foster the process of access through greater understanding.

Project Summaries

Concepts of access for people with learning disabilities: towards a shared understanding (word) or (pdf)

  • Thematic Analysis of all seminars (word) or (pdf)
  • Theme Diagrams (pdf) or (powerpoint)

Seminar One: Personal Accounts of Access

  • Caroline Gray Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Jan Walmsley Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Lou Towson Presentation (powerpoint) or (powerpoint)
  • Seminar One Summary Notes (word) or (pdf)

Seminar Two: Access to Education and Employment

  • Chris Abbott Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Seminar Two Summary Notes (word) or (pdf)+
  • Symbolised Seminar Two Summary (pdf) or (pdf)

Seminar Three: Access to Health, Social Care and Citizenship

  • Seminar Three summary notes (word) or (pdf)

Seminar Four: Access to Culture, Environment and Human Rights

  • Jonty Rix presentation (word) or (pdf)
  • Seminar Four Summary Notes (word) or (pdf)
  • Symbolised Seminar Four Summary (word) or (pdf)

Seminar Five: Access to Community and Friendships

  • Roy McConkey Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Jane Seale and Melanie Nind Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Seminar Five Summary Notes (word) or (pdf)

Seminar Six: The past and future of access

  • Mabel Cooper and Dorothy Atkinson Presentation (powerpoint) or (pdf)
  • Seminar Six Summary Notes (word) or (pdf)

Funding body: ESRC.

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