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Research project: How can we raise awareness of the value of the trainee in a school? - Dormant - Dormant

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September 2004 - August 2005

Due to the current pressures placed upon schools by national testing, inspections, implementation of national strategies, etc, it is vitally important that the benefits of supporting trainees in schools are fully appreciated throughout the whole school community.

This project aimed to identify current perceptions of parents, pupils, staff and governors towards the placement of trainees in their schools. In order to identify these perceptions, focus groups and questionnaires were used across a range of schools (Training Schools, Partnership Promotion Schools and other partnership schools). In this way both perceived concerns and benefits about placing trainees in schools were identified. Good practice in terms of dissemination of information to parents, pupils, staff and governors was also identified.

The most crucial theme to emerge was that of communication. All groups of stakeholders perceived a whole range of benefits resulting from involvement in partnership, yet many groups were unaware of the insights of others. Classteachers felt parents would be both unaware of the benefits and not supportive of hosting trainees in school; parents generally felt their children would not be aware of any benefits. Yet the data clearly showed that both parents and pupils were very aware of a range of benefits to the school and the learners.

The overall findings of this study make it absolutely clear that all stakeholders involved in the school-based training of trainee teachers are aware of the benefits to the school of this involvement. Every group that participated in this study, from the youngest five year olds upwards, was able to identify benefits to the school and the learners. This is a very positive outcome and should enable schools and ITT providers to work even more closely together into the future developing innovative and exciting approaches to placements for trainee teachers.

Funding body: Department for Education

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