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The University of Southampton

Dr Daniel Rowan MSc, PhD

Director of Programmes (Audiology)

Dr Daniel Rowan's photo

Daniel is an Associate Professor of Audiology at the University of Southampton.

My team is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with sensory impairments

His goal is to develop knowledge and technologies that will allow people with sensory impairments to optimally use their hearing to achieve the independence, prosperity and fulfilment they desire.

Daniel is the Director of Programmes (Audiology) covering the MSci/BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) and MSc Audiology course, teaches on them and looks after clinical placements. He is also an Audiologist registered with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP).

A sample lecture on human echolocation.









Youtube video: How our ears help us see


Honours and Awards
2013    The Denzil Brooks Trophy, British Society of Audiology in recognition of outstanding contributions to promoting excellence in clinical practice through Chairmanship of the Professional Practice Committee, which has become the leading provider of clinical guidance in audiology nationally and internationally.

Research interests

Sounds, through hearing, are important to people in various ways. Daniel is interested in ways that the hearing of sound helps us (e.g. for communication and spatial awareness) and hinders us (e.g. the interfering and fatiguing effects of background noise), the particular difficulties that arise with hearing impairment and how hearing can be exploited to help people with visual impairment and blindness. His research covers:

  • How hearing can help us to localise objects that either actively produce sounds (aka sound-source localization) or can be stimulated to reflect sounds (aka echolocation).
  • How hearing assists or interferes with our ability to function in challenging acoustic and psychological environments. For example, effects of different types of background sound on hearing, situational awareness and cognitive capabilities.
  • The effects of hearing impairment and auditory prostheses on our hearing abilities (including speech understanding and localization).
  • The importance of hearing to visually impaired and blind people and how the usefulness of their hearing can be improved, especially if they also have a hearing loss.


The large anechoic chamber at the University of Southampton
Echolocation researchers
An experiment to determine the localisation abilities of cochlear implant users
Testing localisation skills

Research group

Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Group

Affiliate research group

Hearing and Balance Centre

Research project(s)

Make like a bat

How can humans use echoes to detect and locate objects?

2 ears are better than 1

What benefit do people with hearing loss get from using two devices, one in each ear?

Fit for duty

How can the impact of hearing impairment on the capabilities of military personnel be assessed?

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Title Module Code           Programme                                                  Role
Basic neurosensory assessment ISVR1025 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) Part 1 Co-ordinator
Physiological and Psychophysical Measurement ISVR1031 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) Part 1 Lecturer
Clinical Measurement and Training ISVR1028 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) Part 1 Practical Tutor
Experimental Audiology Research (EAR) Projects ISVR2033 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) Part 2 Co-ordinator
Clinical Practicum ISVR2038 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) Part 2 Practical Tutor
Clinical Practicum ISVR3026 BSc Audiology Part 3 Co-ordinator of synoptic exam
Research Project ISVR3030
BSc Audiology Part 3
Project Supervisor
Clinical Assessment in Audiology ISVR6121 MSc Audiology  Lecturer, Practical Tutor and Clinic Tutor
Physiology and Psychology of hearing ISVR6125 MSc Audiology  Lecturer
Diagnostic Audiology ISVR6122 MSc Audiology  Co-ordinator
Research Project ISVR6075 MSc Audiology  Practical Tutor
Dr Daniel Rowan
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number : 13/4021

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