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Dr Murat Hakki Eres BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Murat Hakki Eres is Senior Research Fellow within the Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Dr Eres is a Senior Research Fellow at the Computational Engineering and Design Research Group. He graduated from Boğaziçi University (Istanbul, Turkey) with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1990. He later continued his postgraduate work in the same university and obtained an MSc degree in 1993. His thesis title was “Adaptive Finite Element Analysis of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations”.

After receiving a full doctoral scholarship from the Turkish Higher Education Council, he started his studies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware (USA). He investigated various three-dimensional thin film flow problems involving surface tension gradients, evaporation, fingering phenomena, disjoining pressure, moving substrates, and instabilities. His thesis was entitled “Three-Dimensional Direct Numerical Simulation of Coating Flows” and he received his PhD in 1998. Later he has continued to work at the same university as a postdoctoral researcher on numerical algorithms on three-dimensional finger formations due to gravitational and Marangoni effects.

He then joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kocaeli University (Turkey) in 2000. There he established a new graduate level degree course entitled “Introduction to Linux Operating System” and continued to work on various aspects of thin film flows.

In 2002, Dr Eres joined the Computational Engineering and Design Research Group at University of Southampton as a Senior Research Fellow. He was involved in GEODISE, SIMDAT, SAMULET, and SILOET projects in partnership with Rolls-Royce plc, Airbus/EADS and GKN Aerospace Sweden. He was a task leader in the CRESCENDO project working on customer oriented conceptual design. He is currently leading various research projects sponsored by Rolls-Royce plc, EPSRC and European Union.

Dr Eres has 14 years of research experience on thin film flows, customer oriented and value driven design optimisation, life-cycle cost modelling, and knowledge-based engineering. His main research interests are:

Thin film flows

Thin film flows
Thin film flows

Modelling and simulating how thin films evolve in time is relevant to many industrial, medical, and even our day to day activities. Some of the application areas are:

  • Surface coatings and paints
  • Printing and cleaning processes
  • Biofilm transport
  • Icing and aerodynamics of aeroplane wings,
  • Polymer film manufacturing
  • Semiconductor lithography
  • Microfluidic devices





Unit, maintenance and life-cycle cost modelling


Accurately predicting manufacturing costs of aero-engines is vitally important to manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce plc. Additionally, the airline operators are very much interested in maintenance and life-cycle costs of their aircraft as these are the prime factors for the operators’ profits. These costs normally incur from fuel costs, salaries of the crew, but the most important one is the maintenance costs of the aero-engines. By bringing in the life-cycle cost implications along with the traditional performance metrics into the early design stages ensures better aero-engine designs and yields environmentally friendly, easier to maintain, and high revenue generating aircraft fleets for the ever increasing air transportation sector.

Customer oriented and value-driven design

Design merit
Design merit

The design and manufacture of highly complex products such as aircraft, aero-engines, and satellites, are considered successful if they meet a number of economic, performance, and capability criteria. The needs and expectations of customers and various stakeholders have to be incorporated into the design cycle. The emerging field of Value-Driven Design promotes a cultural shift in the engineering design process and promotes the idea of ‘design for value’ as a complimentary solution to ‘design for performance’.

Active research projects

  • Systems modelling for value (Rolls-Royce plc)
  • KnowTech3D: Knowledge Transfer of Numerical Analysis and 3D Simulation Technologies Applied on engineering Research Programmes (European Union)
  • Sensitivity, Accuracy and Risk Assessment of Design Processes (Rolls-Royce, plc and Industry Doctoral Training Centre)
  • Enhanced Life Cycle Costing Services (Rolls-Royce plc)
  • Model Validation and Uncertainty Quantification for the Preliminary Aero-Engine Design Processes (Rolls-Royce, plc and Industry Doctoral Training Centre)
  • Design rationale capture in detailed design stage

Research group

Computational Engineering and Design

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Dr Murat Hakki Eres
Computational Engineering and Design Group Engineering Centre of Excellence Building 176 University of Southampton Boldrewood Campus Burgess Road Southampton SO16 7QF

Room Number : 176/5017/B1

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