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Research Group

Computational engineering and design

A person in front of screen with software open.

We're a centre for multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design, and combine a range of analytical, computational and experimental techniques.

Part of Engineering


We are addressing current and future issues of global significance such as:

  • the adaptation to changing environments 

  • sustainable use of natural resources including energy 

  • food and water security

  • biodiversity conservation 

Our research works across a variety of scales: 

  • from molecules to whole organisms 

  • populations

  • communities

  • landscapes 

We use and combine expertise from: 

  • ecological and evolutionary processes

  • conservation science

  • genetics

  • modern analytical approaches for big data 

Projects and publications

Our people

I manage a number of research programmes sponsored by BAE systems, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and the EPSRC.
Professor of Design
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