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Research Group

Computational Engineering and Design Group

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We're a centre for multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design, and combine a range of analytical, computational and experimental techniques.

Part of Engineering


Our 3 main research themes are:

  • design search and optimisation
  • applied computational modelling
  • computational methods

The strength of our research is based on combining engineering methods with industrial applications. For example, we are developing grid-based, problem-solving services for academia and industry. Our research has many applications, and our activities include:

  • using computational methods for studying design and related problems in fluids, structures, control systems and biomechanics
  • evolutionary optimisation
  • constructing advanced cost-prediction systems
  • optimising metamodelled, approximate or noisy systems and analysis of robustness

We also host:

People, projects and publications


Dr Andras Sobester

Airbus Professor in Digital Design

Professor Andy Keane DSc, FREng

Professor of Computational Engineering

Dr Bob Entwistle

Principal Enterprise Fellow

Dr Dasha Semochkina

Research Fellow in Statistics

Research interests

  • computational methods in Bayesian statistics
  • building emulators
  • using emulators for Bayesian optimisation problems

Dr David Toal

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Design optimisation & automation
  • Machine learning & deep learning
  • Computer aided design

Mr Edmar Silva

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Hakki Eres BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Hans Fangohr

Professor of Computational Modelling

Dr Hau Yong

Research Fellow

Professor James Scanlan

Professor of Design
I manage a number of research programmes sponsored by BAE systems, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and the EPSRC.
Professor of Design