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Research project: Bioganix Demonstrator Project - Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Currently Active: 

Funded by Defra's New Technologies Demonstrator programme

Bioganix compositing vessels

The Bioganix Demonstration Project was a partnership between Bioganix as waste processors, Gloucester County Council as waste disposal authority and a cooperative of around 450 farmers as the utiliser of the final product. The Bioganix demonstration plant was sited at Wharton Court, Leominster, Hereford and had the capacity to divert 32,450 tonnes of material over a 3-year period. The work was funded under Defra's New Technologies programme with the University of Southampton responsible for providing research monitoring and evaluation, including energy footprinting of the process.


Project aims

The overall aim of this evaluation and monitoring project was to determine whether a short-retention aerobic stabilisation process (rapid composting) can provide an effective diversion route for source segregated BMW producing a value-added compost material for agricultural use. To achieve this aim three specific objectives were identified:

  • to assess the quality and suitability of the input BMW material as a feedstock for production of an agricultural fertiliser, both alone and when blended with other commercial wastes.
  • to determine an accurate energy balance for the process and relate this to the degree of stabilisation of the waste in terms of LATS criteria. 
  • to assess the biostability of the final product, its nutrient value and suitability for fertiliser substitution in agriculture.

Bioganix Ltd


Eades P., Banks C. J., Heaven S., Walker M, (2011) Mass and energy balance for a rotating drum composting plant Waste and Resource Management 164(WR3) 151-159

Eades P., Banks C. J., Heaven S., (2010) Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Support for the Bioganix Demonstrator Project Defra New Technologies Programme. Available from

Associated research themes

Water and Environment

Related research groups

Water and Environmental Engineering Group
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