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The University of Southampton

Research project: Development and evaluation of a new device for the clinical measurement of tissue blood flow and tissue oxygenation

Currently Active: 

Understanding the state of health of body tissue is essential to assessing its viability or recovery from injury. This project investigates a new non-invasive devise for detecting blood flow and oxygen delivery to superficial tissue.            

Testing blood flow change with a cold bath
Testing blood flow change

Sufficient and satisfactory blood flow and oxygenation within the network of the smallest vessels in the body, the capillaries, is vital for tissue health. The delivery of fresh blood to the cells provides nutrients and oxygen necessary for cells to live. The disruption or malfunction in this process, e.g. reduced blood flow and insufficient oxygen delivery, may lead to many complications including tissue death.

Optical sensors for blood flow and oxygenation
Measuring with optical sensors

Simple and non-invasive monitoring of blood flow and oxygenation may help to identify risks early and prevent further complications developing in those at risk. We are investigating the use of novel optical sensors in a variety of applications such as at extreme altitude, intensive care and lower limb ulceration to understand the spontaneous fluctuations in blood flow and oxygenation and their relationship to the state of microcirculation thus helping to detect dysfunction earlier.

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Bioengineering and human factors

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