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The University of Southampton

Research project: Improving Customer Experience While Ensuring Data Privacy (DICE)

Currently Active: 

This project is investigating the trade-offs rail passengers might face between data privacy and improvements to the customer experience.

Particular attention is paid to passengers with special journey requirements and to future ticketing systems. Research areas include: the development of an effective trust framework to enable customer control over data privacy; the development of data aggregation techniques which aid the provision of an improved customer experience without compromising data anonymization; testing the applicability of these frameworks and techniques to potential future ticketing solutions; developing use case scenarios for systems to improve the rail customer experience; and assessing the demand and environmental impacts of providing an improved customer experience enabled by these systems.  The research project is led by the University of Surrey and also includes Loughborough University and Royal Holloway University of London.

The current focus, working mainly with the team from Loughborough, is on analysing a set of customer complaints in order to ascertain the factors which can lead to a degraded customer experience, and understand how individual context can make a difference. This will help us to understand where knowing something about the passengers could help rail operators improve the customer experience. This will help build up a picture of where the potential trade-offs between data privacy and customer experience might lie.

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