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Research project: High efficiency low cost solar cells II - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Commercialized solar cel manufacture adopts high temperature passivation processes which are high cost and will cause the performance of the solar cells to deteriorate.  Research in this area could have a significant impact on the cost and efficiency of solar cells.

This project is looking at:

  1. a fundamental study of the modification of the crystalline silicon surface of solar cells by chemical methods at a low temperature.  The methods include a silicon-hydrogen surface treated by hydrogen fluoride; a silicon-organic surface developed by iodine solution; and a silicon-organic surface developed by quinhydrone solution.  The modified silicon surfaces are tested by excess carrier lifetime measurement, the Kelvin Probe for surface photovoltage measurement, and ellipsometry to measure the thickness of the added surface layer.
  2. fabrication of solar cells with front and rear surfaces passivated by chemical methods.  The project includes formation of a p-n junction, surface passivation and formation of electrodes on the surface of the solar cells.  The solar cells are then tested by quantum efficiency and I-V curve.

Conferences and events associated with this project:

Ultra-thin silicon solar cells
Bo Feng in the laboratory
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