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The University of Southampton

Research project: Hydrant Dynamics for Acoustic Leak Detection

Currently Active: 

Leakage from pipes is a major issue in the water industry, being an issue, not only in environmental terms, because of wasting an important natural resource, but also in economic and health terms, from both an environmental and cost perspective. UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) have identified leakage as one of their strategic priorities and have recently set up the Zero Leakage 2050 initiative, aiming to address the question “How will we achieve zero leakage in a sustainable way by 2050 ?”

Sponsored by UKWIR, the aim of this project is to investigate hydrant dynamics, so that new guidelines can be given for sensor numbers, type and positioning and hydrant design. In particular the following is being addressed

  • Theoretical modelling of vibrational wave propagation in hydrants (analytical and numerical)
  • Laboratory measurements on simplified hydrants
  • Laboratory and field measurements on real hydrants
Dynamic Testing of AVK Hydrant
Dynamic Testing of AVK Hydrant

Associated research themes

Zero Leakage 2050


Related research groups

Dynamics Group
Acoustics Group
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