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The University of Southampton

Research project: Local strain and microdamage assessment during micromechanical testing of single bovine trabeculae and cortical bone tissue

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This project examined the mechanical properties of single bovine trabeculae and cortical bone tissue experimentally. Microdamage and local strains were assessed using a small-scale three-point bending experimental rig and using digital image correlation to measure strain. Microdamage formation and propagation were detected using the bone whitening effect, an optical non-invasive technique, to follow the progression of local strains and microdamage in real-time.

This technique was used to investigate three fundamental aspects of bone mechanics. The first study examined the strain rate sensitivity of single bovine trabeculae. The second study compared the mechanical behaviour of single bovine trabeculae and similarly sized cortical bone samples. Finally, the anisotropy of bovine cortical bone tissue was investigated. The insights gained from this work enhanced our understanding of the damage properties of bovine bone at the microstructural level.

Local strain and microdamage assessment
Assessment of the strain

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