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Research project: Locally resonant sonic materials

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Research Project


Introduction: At ultrasonic frequencies periodic structures (‘sonic crystals’) demonstrate a number of interesting acoustic properties which are analogous to optical phenomena observed with photonic crystals. In particular, over ranges of frequencies (known as stop bands) the structures will not transmit sound at all. This project aims to investigate the acoustic properties of a variant of these materials known as locally resonant sonic materials (LRSMs) and study how they might be applied to lower frequency sonar applications.


Description: The frequencies at which the stop bands occur in sonic crystals are related to the physical spacing of the period structure; for low frequencies this requires large unrealistic structures. However, LRSMs have been shown to produce reduced transmission of sound at much lower frequencies by means of the resonance behaviour of the distributed resonators. This project is looking at improving our understanding of such materials and how to manipulate their properties to give an optimum performance for use in sonar systems. It is employing a wide range of modelling techniques including scattering, finite element and finite difference codes.



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