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Research project: Music rehabilitation for cochlear implant users

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CI technology has exceeded the early expectations of many with regard to speech perception in quiet listening environments, yet current devices are poor at conveying the temporal and spectral cues that are necessary for the accurate perception of pitch and timbre, and have limited dynamic range.

Many CI users express a desire to hear music again but are dissatisfied by the sound quality of music as perceived through their implant. However, certain features of music are known to be more readily accessible to CI users and there is some evidence to suggest that structured training can benefit effects CI users' appraisal of music as well as their music perception abilities. The main aim of this research project is therefore to develop and evaluate a music rehabilitation resource for adult CI users and our approach has been to involve CI users throughout the iterative process of designing, building and testing the resource. This three-year collaborative project with the Department of Music in the Faculty of Humanities is funded by Arts & Humanities Research Council grants AH/H039392/1 and AH/K002880/1.

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