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The University of Southampton

Research project: Reduction of tip leakage noise in ducted fans

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Despite more than fifty years of research into fan noise, the mechanism and understanding of the noise generated at the blade tip is still poorly understood. This is mainly because there are likely to be a number of different source mechanisms and also because the unsteady flow, and hence the sources of noise, are confined to the very small regions around the blade tip. This project outlines an integrated, predominantly experimental work aimed at characterising and reducing tip leakage noise from rotating fans.

Experiments made on the ducted fan will include simultaneous measurements of the surface pressures on the blade tip (using slip-rings) and the duct wall and the hotwire measurements of the unsteady velocity in the tip region. Emphasis in this project will be on the development of signal processing strategies that allow measurements made in the duct-fixed stationary reference frame to determine the behaviour of the tip leakage flow in the reference frame rotating with the fan. Novel time – frequency analysis methods, e.g., Wigner-Ville spectral analysis will also be developed for two-point hot-wire and tested in this project. Noise reduction principles such as over tip liners and novel tip geometries will also be explored to reduce this noise source.

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