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Research project: Remote sensing of turbulence - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Direct measurement of turbulence in the seas is, due to their volume, an impossible task.  Moreover, scales of spatial turbulent or the depths at which they are present might make them undetectable via in-situ observations.  Therefore there is a need for remote, satellite based, turbulence sensing methods to be developed.

Project Overview

A simulated image of the radar cross section and radar image of a ship wake.
Radar image of a ship's wake

Research is currently underway  developing the necessary algorithms which would relate visible surface signatures (detected using satellite-mounted synthetic aperture radars) to their sub-surface turbulent phenomena.  This project thus needs to consider both remote sensing technology available on satellites  and issues relating to fluid dynamics. 


George S.G. and Tatnall A.R.L. Simulation of SAR Ocean Turbulence Signatures using Direct Numerical Simulation and Radar/Hydrodynamic Modelling. EUSAR 2012, 9th European Conference on Syntetci Aperture Radar, Electronic proceedings, 23-26 April 2012 Nürnberg, Germany

Associated research themes

Mechatronics, signal processing and control

Related research groups

Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics


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