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The University of Southampton

Research project: Robust active vibration control by the receptance method

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This project is partially sponsored by Ultra Electronics that aims at developing a novel robust control strategy to improve the closed-loop response of an active-controlled system.

With increasingly lighter and more energy-efficient structures, advanced control techniques such as active vibration control outperform the less sophisticated passive vibration control method. However, each physical system is subjected to manufacturing and material variabilities that can affect the performance of an active control system if excluded in the design. In this project, the design of a robust controllers is considered for systems subjected to model parameter uncertainties. The consideration of uncertainties that arise from models or measurements from the physical systems are subsequently included in the design of a robust controller. As a result, improvement to the control performance and a more reliable closed-loop response may be achieved

Figure 1 (a) The controller H will calculate the control forces required to cancel out vibrations by measuring the response of the structure forming a closed feedback loop.

Figure 1 (b) Three-storey building model.

Figure 1 (a)
Figure 1 (a)
Figure 1 (b)
Figure 1 (b)

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