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Research project: The measurement of Pelvic Floor Muscle (PFM) function in women using 2D dynamic ultrasound

Currently Active: 

Introduction: With an aging population stress urinary incontinence causes inconvenience and distress to an increasing number of women. There is a need to develop tools that will aid our understanding of the mechanisms that normally maintain urinary continence and their failure when subject to a stress such as that induced when an individual coughs. This project is investigating the analysis of 2D ultrasound dynamic movies as a means of gaining such information.  

Description: This project aims to use the analysis of 2D ultrasound images to investigate female stress urinary incontinence and the functions of the Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFMs) within it. In order to do this the motion and trajectory the urogenital structures are being studied during manoeuvres that create either a voluntary or involuntary contraction of the PFMs. The dynamic motion is obtained by analysing successive ultrasound images to give the displacements, velocities and accelerations of the internal organs and structures.

Joint with the School of Health Sciences and Department of Urology, Stanford University, U.S.A

R Jones, M Stokes [School of Health Sciences]; C Constantinou [Department of Urology, Stanford University, USA]

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