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The University of Southampton

Research project: Turbulent Exchange: Aerosols, Bubbles and Gases

Currently Active: 

The surface of the ocean, the thin layer where the atmosphere and ocean touch, is important for our weather and our climate. At this interface, gases, particles, heat and momentum are exchanged between the air and the water, influencing the composition and properties of both environments. If we understand these exchanges better, we will be able to make more accurate predictions of weather and climate, and to see their influence on other aspects of the Earth system. This project will focus on the air-sea flux of gas and particles in stormy conditions, and in particular the influence of the bubbles from breaking waves on those exchanges.

 In Southampton, researchers from the Institute for Sound and Vibration Research, the Electronics and Computer Science department and the National Oceanography Centre are working together to construct and deploy a novel buoy to measure bubbles at sea.   In Leeds, a team led by Dr Ian Brooks is working on simultaneous measurements of aerosol particles at sea.     In November 2013, both groups will join American researchers and others on the R/V Knorr in the North Atlantic for a month-long research cruise, studying the air-sea fluxes during storms.

This project started in November 2012.   We still have a couple of PhD studentships available - see below.



Posts to be filled

We are looking for two PhD students to join this project.   One will carry out modelling work to investigate the effect of bubbles on gas exchange, and the other will use a complex systems science approach to understand the interactions between the system components.   The formal job adverts are here and here.   If you're interested, please apply through the findaphd website.  Please note that this funding is only available to UK or EU students.


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