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The University of Southampton

Research project: Wireless vehicle detection for traffic control

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How would you feel about your every move being tracked electronically? Most people say: “No thanks!” But what if the data were anonymous and still useful? The University of Southampton have been working with Siemens plc. on developing mathematical algorithms to fuse data from in-car wireless, Bluetooth and smartphones with the existing traffic data collection infrastructure.Simulations show that better data can lead to smoother control of the traffic and less time waiting at red lights.

Big Data

The business of traffic data collection is changing rapidly. Under the old paradigm, when traffic data was needed we had to design, build and install sensors to collect the data. Now wireless devices in vehicles and in smartphones create an ambient cloud of sensors within the traffic network. By tapping into this we can estimate the state of the traffic network with high fidelity.

Data fusion

This aim of this project was to develop a general mathematical framework for fusing data from both new wireless data sources and existing static sensors to generate a single coherent estimate of the traffic state.

Smarter traffic control

This work is jointly funded by Siemens PLC and the Technology strategy board [TS/I003642/1]. Industry can employ high fidelity estimates of the traffic state for improved monitoring and strategic and dynamic control. Technologies developed in this project have already been incorporated into Siemen's next generation cloud based traffic monitoring system 'Stratos'.


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