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The University of Southampton

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid flow systems in engineering and environmental applications are ubiquitous. Research in fluid dynamics at the University of Southampton covers both fundamental and applied research across a range of subject areas using theoretical, computational and experimental tools.

Broadly our world-leading research is aimed at understanding, predicting and controlling fluid flows across different engineering and environmental applications. Our research ranges from understanding fluid flows in the microscopic lymphatic system of a human body to predicting the aerodynamic performance of hypersonic re-entry vehicles.

We pride ourselves in nurturing an environment that supports the full spectrum of fluid dynamics research.

Our work extends from examining the fundamental structure of turbulence to improving the hydrodynamic efficiency of aircrafts and ships and from the design of microfluidic devices for targeted drug delivery to predicting the dispersion of environmental pollutants in an urban environment.

In recognition of our expertise in this area Southampton is home to three industrial centres of excellence, two in aeroacoustics in partnership with Airbus and Rolls-Royce and another in environmentally friendly shipping in partnership with Lloyds Register.

Our research in fluid dynamics covers the following areas:

  • Aeromechanics
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Biological/Biomedical Flows
  • Environmental Flows
  • Hydromechanics
  • Reacting and Multiphase flows
  • Transition and turbulence
  • Propulsion
Vortical flows around X-31 aircraft
Vortical flows around X-31 aircraft
Towing tank testing
Towing tank testing

Our researchers have access to a range of wind tunnels and towing tanks to aid their research.

Wind tunnel testing
Wind tunnel testing
Towing tank testing
Towing tank testing


If you are interested in joining us either to study or to become part of our research team please select the relevant link below for further information.

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Flow in low-pressure turbinesActiveOther
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Energy Harvesting for Active Aeroelastic ControlActiveOther
Evaluation of CFD Methods on Slender Missile ConfigurationsActiveOther
Impact of Aerodynamic and Structural Nonlinearities on Gust Loads PredictionActiveOther
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Lymphatic Fluid Flows and ImmunologyActiveOther
Physics and control of turbulent wall-flowsActiveGrant
Towards biologically-inspired active-compliant-wing micro-air-vehiclesActiveOther
Universality of fine-scale turbulenceActiveOther
Anaconda - Wave Energy ConverterActiveOther
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Fluid loads and motions of damaged shipsActiveOther
Low carbon and hazardous emissions shippingActiveOther
The influence of surface waves on the added resistance of merchant shipsActiveOther
High-Hydrogen Content Alternative Fuel BurningActiveOther
Scalar mixing and turbulent intermittencyActiveOther
Swirl-Stabilised Turbulent CombustionActiveOther
Advanced modelling for two-phase reacting flowActiveOther
Split-injection diesel engine modellingActiveOther
Stratified Combustion Physics and ModellingActiveOther
Turbulent spots in high-speed boundary layersActiveOther
Aerofoil separation bubblesActiveOther
Effects of trailing edge elasticity on trailing edge noiseActiveOther
Flow in low-pressure turbinesActiveOther
Supersonic axisymmetric wakesActiveOther
The effects of high speed flows on transonic turbine tip heat transfer and efficiencyActiveOther
Towards biologically-inspired active-compliant-wing micro-air-vehiclesActiveOther
Ab initio hydrodynamic rough surface characterisation with applicationsActiveOther
Engineering of surfaces for drag reduction in water with validation using computational and experimental methodsActiveOther
Jet noise mechanismsActiveOther
Low-frequency unsteadiness of a shock-wave/boundary-layer interactionActiveOther
Minimally Actuated Flapping Foil Energy ExtractorsDormantOther
Numerical investigations on fluid-structure interactions using particle based methods for marine applicationsActiveOther
Use of cryogenic buoyancy systems for controlled removal of heavy objects from the seabedActiveOther
Wave making drag prediction for improved design of marine craftsActiveOther
Optimized athlete body sensor networks for simulation-based performance analysisActiveOther
Simulating high performance craft for design and trainingActiveOther
Body Non Linear 3D HydroelasticityActiveOther
Numerical simulation of interfacial fluid flows by an anti-diffusive VOF methodActiveOther
Preparation of section properties for 2d anti-symmetric analysis of ship with structural discontinuitiesActiveOther
Agile underwater vehicles for long range ocean explorationActiveOther
Delphin2: an over actuated autonomous underwater vehicle for manoeuvring researchActiveOther
Design and development of cost effective surface mounted water turbines for rural electricity productionActiveOther
Fluid-structure interactions for yacht sailsActiveOther
Gothenburg 2010: rans simulations of the multiphase flow around the kcs hullformActiveOther
Low carbon and hazardous emissions shippingActiveOther
Predicting tidal turbine noise for environmental impact assessmentActiveOther
Simulation of tactical yacht racing: a human-psychological-physical AI-system in a dynamically changing yacht racing environmentActiveOther
Tailored composites for deformation control in unsteady fluid-structure interactionsActiveOther
The influence of surface waves on the added resistance of merchant shipsActiveOther
Dynamics of miscible interfacesActiveOther
Linear interaction between compressibility and a gravity field for barotropic fluidsActiveOther
Optimisation of a fleet of AUVs to minimise energy dissipationActiveOther
The effect of flexibility on the design and performance of inflatable boats, plus environmental considerationsActiveOther
Evaluation of Vortex Shedding of Slender Structures using LES Techniques (EPSRC/Arup)ActiveOther
Air entrainment in the wake of a transom sternActiveOther
Ocean Survey and Autonomous Sampling Using Multi-Agent SystemsActiveOther
Accurate Cartesian-grid modeling of unsteady and separating flowsActiveOther
Minimising the environmental impact of advanced aircraft designsActiveOther
Modelling next generation CROR aircraftActiveOther
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