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Dr Beth Carroll 

Lecturer, Website Co-ordinator,Joint Honours Liaison Tutor

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Beth is a lecturer in Film.

I have a BA and MA in Film Studies from the University of Southampton. My doctoral thesis in Film Studies was completed at the University of Southampton in 2015 and in that year I joined the University as a Lecturer.

My interests include the perception and representation of space in audio-visual media, most particularly in film and video games. My research explores how the interactions between sound and image impact on the audience/gamer and the repercussions this has on the body, cognition, and perception. I am therefore interested in theories of the haptic, gestalt, control, engagement, and agency. I explore these ideas through the different realms of space: proxemics, the interaction between sound and image, between the screen and performer, onscreen space, and architecture amongst others.

My monograph, Feeling Film: A Spatial Approach (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), investigates the methodological approaches needed to begin to understand the spatial relationships in film, paying particular attention to the aesthetics, rather than narrative of films. In this book I use the musical genre as a case study, and this has developed into another major research area.

The edited collection, co-edited with my colleague Dr Kevin Donnelly, Contemporary Musical Film (Edinburgh University Press, 2017), examines the placement of the genre in a post 2000 context.

My current research focuses on video games in particular, building upon my theoretical interest in space. I examine issues of agency and interaction in VR and video games more broadly, more particularly with regards to how they elicit bodily reactions and can be used for medical purposes.

I am also interested in exploring in more detail the architectural space of different viewing and gaming conditions/locations and the impact this has on our perception, both cognitively and physically. All of my research takes an holistic approach to understanding media, paying attention to both sound and image in equal measure.

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I have taught extensively in the Film and English departments at Southampton and this year I am teaching on the following modules: Film Adaptation, Women and Hollywood, Fantasy Film and Fiction, Stage and Screen, and American Cinema.

Dr Beth Carroll
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BF United Kingdom

Room Number: 65/1059

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