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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Our Staff

List of all staff members in Geography and Environmental Science
Peter LangdonHead of Geography and Environmental Science
Tony BrownProfessor of Physical Geography
Stephen DarbyProfessor in Physical Geography
Jadu DashProfessor in Remote Sensing
John DearingProfessor in Physical Geography
Mary EdwardsProfessor in Physical Geography
Felix EigenbrodPrincipal Investigator (Spatial Ecology)
Jane HartProfessor in Geography
Paul HughesProfessor of Palaeoecology
Craig HuttonProfessor of Sustainability Science
David MartinProfessor of Geography
Graham MoonProfessor of Spatial Analysis in Human Geography
David SearProfessor in Physical Geography
Justin SheffieldProfessor of Hydrology and Remote Sensing
Peter SunleyProfessor of Economic Geography
Andrew J TatemProfessor
Emma TompkinsProfessor
Neil WrigleyProfessor of Human Geography
Nick Clarke Associate Professor in Human Geography
Samantha CockingsAssociate Professor in Geography
James G DykeVisiting Academic
Brian J HracsAssociate Professor in Human Geography
Malcolm D HudsonAssociate Professor in Environmental Sciences
Julian LeylandAssociate Professor in Physical Geography
Jo NieldAssociate Professor in Aeolian Geomorphology
Andrew PowerAssociate Professor in Human Geography
Suzanne ReimerAssociate Professor
Darja ReuschkeAssociate Professor
Emma RoeAssociate Professor in Human Geography
Jim WrightAssociate Professor in Geographical Information Systems
Patrick OsborneReader in Applied Ecology, Director of Programmes for Environmental Science
Vanessa LawrenceAdjunct Professor
Simon KempProfessorial Fellow in Education
Julia BransonPrincipal Enterprise Fellow, GeoData
Jason Sadler Principal Research Fellow
Carla PezzuloSenior Enterprise Fellow
Jessica E SteeleSenior Enterprise Fellow
Kate ParksSenior Teaching Fellow
Andrew PhillipsSenior Teaching Fellow in Environmental GIS
Becky Alexis-MartinSenior Research Fellow in Human Geography
Jeremy AustinSenior Research Fellow
Andrew HarfootSenior Research Fellow
Duncan D HornbySenior Research Fellow
Oleksandr KitSenior Research Fellow
Alessandro SorichettaSenior Research Fellow
Natalie SuckallSenior Research Fellow
Ian WaldockSenior Research Fellow
Homme ZwaagstraSenior Research Fellow
Anna J BourneVisiting academic
Sally HaywardLecturer in Geography
Eli LazarusAssociate Professor in Geomorphology
Sandra NoguéLecturer in Palaeoenvironmental Science
Booker OgutuLecturer in Remote Sensing
Kelvin PehLecturer in Conservation Science
Gareth RobertsLecturer in Remote Sensing
Marije SchaafsmaLecturer
Dianna SmithLecturer in GIS
Jake L SnaddonLecturer in Environmental Science
Julie VullnetariLecturer in Human Geography
Eleanor WilkinsonAssociate Professor in Human Geography
Victor AleganaResearch Fellow
Daniela AnghileriResearch fellow in Hydrology
Gianluca BooResearch Fellow
Donna J ClarkeResearch Fellow
Markieta DomeckaResearch Fellow
Claire Anne DooleyResearch Fellow in Spatial Demography
Emil EvenhuisResearch Fellow in Economic Geography
Solomon Hailu GebrechorkosResearch Fellow
Warren C. JochemResearch Fellow
Shengjie LaiResearch Fellow
Christopher T LloydResearch Fellow
Hannah MacphersonResearch Fellow in Health Geography
Kristine NilsenResearch Fellow
Sarchil Hama QaderResearch Fellow
Rebecca (Becks) SpakeResearch Fellow in Applied Biogeography
Natalia Tejedor GaravitoResearch Fellow
Hal VoepelSenior Research Fellow
Annabelle WilkinsResearch Fellow, WORKANDHOME
Hannah WilliamsResearch Fellow
Robin WilsonEPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow
Weiyu YuResearch Fellow
Heather R ChamberlainEnterprise Fellow
Graeme HornbyGIS Data Analyst and GIS Trainer for Geodata and WorldPop/Flowminder
Gemma GubbinsGIS trainer and analyst
Maarten van HardenbroekVisiting Researcher
Jim BestDiamond Jubilee International Visiting Professor
Adrian CollinsVisiting Professor
Paul CurranVisiting Professor
Ken GregoryVisiting Professor
David L. HawksworthVisiting Professor in Forensic Ecology and Mycology
John LathamVisiting Professor
Robin McInnesVisiting Professor
Robert ScaifeVisiting Professor in Paleoecology
Malcolm WagstaffVisiting Professor
Paul WhiteheadVisiting Professor
Patricia E.J. WiltshireVisiting Professor in Forensic Ecology, Botany and Palynology
Paul CarlingEmeritus Professor in Physical Geography
Edward MiltonEmeritus Professor of Remote Sensing
Steven PinchEmeritus Professor of Human Geography
Dionysia LambiriVisiting Research Fellow
Emma WaightResearch Associate
Genevieve AgabaSenior Research Assistant in Professional Development and Capacity Building
Corrine W RuktanonchaiSenior Research Assistant
Paul HurleySenior Research Fellow
Laura GrahamPostdoctoral Research Associate
Matt KandelResearch Associate in Environmental Anthropology (Resilience Theme)
Lynda AspdenSpecialist Cartographic Illustrator
Darius G BebenElectronics Technician - Technical & Experimental
Peter MorganLaboratory Manager
Liam RiddyGeocomputational Specialist
Chris HillDirector of GeoData
David SutherlandEnvironmental Processes Technician
Julia ThorleyGIS Technician
Elaine BennettFaculty Senior Administrative Officer
Julie DrewittSenior Administrative Officer (Graduate School)
Carole JonesAdministrative Officer, Student Office
Anna BadyinaVisiting Fellow in Human Geography
Benjamin T PenningtonVisiting Fellow in Geoarchaeology
Eloise BiggsVisiting Academic in Geographical Information Systems
Bradley L. GarrettVisiting Academic
Chris HackneyVisiting Academic in Geomorphology
Nicola WardropVisiting Academic
Yang LuResearch Fellow
Pete ShawAssociate Professor in International Centre for Environmental Science
Dorothea WoodsGIS trainer and analyst
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