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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Research project: EcoChange - Dormant

Currently Active: 

This large FP6 EU project has 21 partners across Europe and Russia. Designing sustainable conservation strategies will be assisted by identifying the most likely effects of global change on biodiversity and ecosystems. Part of the work involves exploring new ways to assess levels of biodiversity in past and present ecosystems, including an exploration of novel molecular techniques. The overall goal of the project is to provide data, scenarios and associated confidence limits for use by policy makers and land managers.

  • Improve the current data structure with respect to biodiversity, climate, land use, land structural and socio-economic information.
  • Improve current models and test critical model assumptions to cope with the required forecasting.
  • Integrate prediction uncertainties into forecasting.
  • Test a series of assumptions relevant for predicting the effects of global change upon biodiversity, ecosystems and relevant goods and services.
  • Develop a series of future projections of biodiversity, ecosystem functions and the goods and services they provide based on coupled climate and land use and socio-economic change scenarios both at EU and case study scales.

EcoChange website

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Landscape Dynamics and Ecology (LDE)

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