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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Research project: El Nino's, volcanoes and human colonisation in the South Pacific

Currently Active: 

Establishing well dated, quantitative, highly resolved palaeoclimate data for the major climate systems of the south Pacific has become a research priority owing to the paucity ofinstrumental data from this critical region of the Earth. Such information is vital for fully understanding inter-hemispheric climate linkages, global energy fluxes and cyclone activity; the latter essential for those vulnerable populations inhabiting the islands in this region. We will use climate proxies stored within lake sediments to reconstruct the magnitude and rate of change of past climate over millennial timescales in a region from which little is currently known regarding past environmental change.

Conferences and events associated with this project:

after a long trek up the muddy slopes of the dormant volcano.
David finally makes it to Lake Lanoto’o, Samoa


David Sear

Pete Langdon

Ian Croudace (OES)

Jon Hassall

Prof Julian Sachs (Washington University)

Ashley Malone (Washington University)


Supported by University of Southampton Faculty Strategic Research Investment Fund, NERC, RGS, National Geographic.


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