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The University of Southampton
Geography and Environmental Science

Research project: The Application of an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) to Waterlogging in South West Bangladesh - Dormant

Currently Active: 

presents modelled impacts of waterlogging to 2050 in coastal Bangldesh including (i) Key policy relevant findings (ii) Plausible areas for policy development (iii) Potential future research focus areas.

Start date: 01/03/2018

End date: 31/12/2018


This work represents an ongoing engagement between GED and the ΔDIEM team. The Model is built upon an actively participatory approach with an ongoing engagement with a broad group of Bangladesh national stakeholders lead by the General Economic Division (GED), Ministry of Planning, Government of Bangladesh as a super-user who have help design critical functions of the model. This has placed ΔDIEM and the related ESPA Deltas work in the position to potentially contribute to the development of planning in Bangladesh including the Bangladesh 8th Economic 5 Year plan as well as the Delta Plan 2100. A demonstration project (the ESPA Deltas Extension Project) from 2017 to 2018 demonstrated pilot applications to four selected projects proposed in the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100).

Related research groups

Environmental Change and Sustainability (ECaS)
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