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Research project: Mapping gender-disaggregated migration movements at subnational scales in and between low- and middle-income countries - Dormant

Currently Active: 

The main objectives are to map estimated subnational migration flows within and between low- and middle-income countries, disaggregated by gender; to communicate the results by making the outputs of the research available via a web-based interactive portal for viewing and analysing the results as well as by disseminating a leaflet summarizing the main insights for decision makers.

Start date: 1/10/2018
End date: 27/12/2019

Given the prevalence of women among migrants (e.g. 48% of international migrants were female in 2015, UN DESA 2016) and their greater risk of exploitation and abuse, including trafficking (O’Neil et al., 2016), gender disaggregated migration data would provide the evidence base for the development of gender sensitive migration policies and for the protection of female migrants. The main objective of the proposed activity is therefore to refine the method in order to disaggregate migration flows by gender.

The second objective is to communicate these results more broadly so that they contribute to the emergence of a consensus on the relative importance of the migration movements and on connectivity between and within low- and middle-income countries. This will be achieved thanks to the development of an open-access web-portal fed by the output data and providing interactive visualization, mapping and countries’ migration profiles.

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