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Research project: Medicine in History and Society

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Initially of interest to physicians from the time of the Enlightenment onwards, the history of medicine has gradually gained the attention of historians, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, and other social science students.

A pastiche of the title-page of Vesalius’ De Humani corporis fabrico, this plate shows the ruthless character Tom Nero ending his days on the dissecting table
Hogarth's 'The Anatomy Lesson'

The study of diseases, their treatment, the maintenance of health and pharmacology are no longer the exclusive domain of physicians with the purpose of improving medical knowledge.

The interplay between health and wealth in modern societies has created and reinforced the organic relationship between medicine and humanities. Historians brought new perspectives to the understanding of medicine and humans by working on focused topics such as pain, death, childbirth, childhood, surgery and.

Since antiquity, war and medicine have been closely associated and in modern times the needs of the army for medical services have increased while medical knowledge and chiefly surgery have achieved great advances thanks to the military. The concept of bio-power coined by M Foucault can now serve as a grille de lecture [interpretative framework] for experiences in various geographical and cultural zones where the body is the object of political, economic, and social agendas. The association between modernity and medicine since the 18th century and the role of biomedicine in nurturing the concept of modernity is another subject of research in medical humanities.

These are a few, amongst many other, intellectual experiences that warrant the development of a research cluster in medical humanities at the University of Southampton. This website is a platform where group members can communicate their research interests.

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