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Autonomous Systems

Our research into autonomous systems combines sensing, computing, communications and platforms in order to provide world class, cost effective capabilities for scientists and other users.


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Autonomous systems technology can be employed by society in many ways, for example to develop and maintain a low carbon economy, to conduct earth science research, to coordinate disaster response and numerous other applications whether sub-sea, surface, land, air or space.


Director: Professor James Scanlan

Co Chairs: Professor Damon Teagle, Professor Kirk Martinez, Dr Stephen Prior,

Interdisciplinary Research Co-ordinator: Frances Clarke 



World class facilities

These facilities underpinning our work in unmanned systems are available for industry and academia to use.


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Whatever your faculty, if you have research or interest is in  Autonomous Systems  why not be a member?



Our events allow researchers across faculties to network and find out about each other's work

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