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Clean Carbon

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Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the greatest global challenges affecting our environment, economy and society  

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Increased levels of human produced carbon dioxide has been linked to climate change, potentially leading to increased cases of flooding, drought and the migration of disease vectors, such as mosquitoes. Therefore, research is looking into cleaner emission technologies. However, research needs to consider the increasing dependence on energy so cleaner technologies must also be capable of maintaining current levels of energy production.

The extraction of carbon dioxide through effective carbon capturing technologies is considered to be one of the most promising options but needs to be thoroughly researched before it can be fully accepted as a long term solution.

At Southampton, we have a large community of researchers that spans many academic units including Chemistry, Engineering, Ocean and Earth Science, and Sociology and Social Policy.



If you wish to join the Clean Carbon USRG please contact either the Chair, Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong at  

Or the USRG Co-ordinator for this group, Frances Clarke -

We combine advanced computational modelling and state-of-the-art experimental facilities to explore various capture processes.
Advanced Modelling
Carbon Capture - Presentation NO. 27

Key facts

We believe that the way to develop long-term solutions aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions is through interdisciplinary research on all aspects of the problem, from capture through to end-use.

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