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The University of Southampton
Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Complexity in Real World Contexts

'Complexity Science' represents an attempt to bring fresh, interdisciplinary thinking to the problem of understanding how system components interact to give rise to aggregate system properties such as environmental resilience, economic growth, industrial creativity, or global governance.

Research in Complexity Science is driven by new theory, ideas, and tools, the unprecedented availability of computational power, and pressing real-world challenges.

This Strategic Research Programme is transdisciplinary, bringing complex systems ideas and tools to bear on challenges within key application domains spanning climate, pharma, biosciences, nanoscience, medical and chemical systems, transport, the environment, economics, security, social science, engineering, mathempanatics, technology and computing.

Complexity Science Focus

It is centred on our Institute for Complex Systems Simulation and is underpinned by the Computational Modelling Group.

Next Generation Computational Modelling: The £10million Centre for Doctoral Training launched in November 2013 and is jointly funded by EPSRC, the University of Southampton, and its partners

The NGCM brings together world-class simulation modelling research activities from across the University of Southampton and hosts a 4-year doctoral training programme that is the first of its kind in the UK. For NGCM queries please email:  

Board: Professor Seth Bullock, Professor Jon Essex. 

By 2050 the Earth's population will reach 8 billion. How will we all survive and prosper? Global Challenges Website

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CS4 Complex Systems Simulation Seminar Series
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