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Clean Carbon

The following lists those who are members of the Clean Carbon USRG. To become a member please complete the short application form.



Alisha Adcock Chemistry undergraduate Interested in environmental inorganic chemistry and how we can improve technologies to decrease atmospheric and ocean carbon
Rucha Amin PhD researcher in the Sustainable Energy Research Group, FEE Thermal adaptation to indoor environments and energy performance impacts
Ben Anderson Engineering & the Environment
Grace Andrews Ocean and earth science (FNES) Investigating carbon cycling on both modern and geologic (millions of years) timescales
James Andrews Solent Growth Hub Interested in schemes & support for organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint
Luis Fernando Arenas

Engineering and the Environment (Energy Technology Group)

Engineering of redox flow batteries for utility-scale energy storage to achieve positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions by enabling full integration of renewable power sources to the grid
Lindsay-Marie Armstrong Engineering and the Environment

Mathematical modelling/Computational fluid dynamics/Multiphase modelling (kinetic based granular flow modelling)/Granular systems in biomedical engineering
Denise Baden Faculty of Business, Law and Art Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
Catherine Beswick Ocean and Earth Science Interested in all marine & maritime activity from across the University of Southampton
Charles Banks Faculty of Engineering and the Environment Algae for biofuel, carbon utilisation of waste biomass in anaerobic digestion, producing biomethane to substitute for natural gas in current gas infrastructure.
Jason Bentley MD of TRAC - the recycled assets company Innovative green recycling service to organisations whilst providing employment opportunities to disadvantaged people.
Nicholas Bompard NOC Carbon sequestration via mineral carbonation in peridotite aquifers
Darren Bradshaw Chemistry MOF (bio)-composite materials of hierarchical structure and multi-modal functionality to address key societal challenges in healthcare, catalysis and energy. 
Alastair Brown NOC
Sally Brown Engineering & the Environment How much do we anticipate sea levels will rise, and what will the impacts be?
Milena Buchs Social Sciences Low carbon living, practices change and wellbeing/Inequality and climate change
Jonathan Bull Ocean and Earth Science Carbon capture and storage including the European project ECO2 Sub-seabed CO2 storage, and the UK funded project QICS
Ben Callow  PhD researcher, Ocean and Earth Science, NOCS  characterisation of permeability & structure of on/offshore chimney structures acting as CO2 migration pathways within the sub-surface overlaying CO2 storage sites
Paul Carling Social & Human Science Sustainable management of UK soils under forestry operations
Ben Ciotti NOC/Marine Biology Molecular, physiological and immune responses of marine crabs to altered salinity and carbon dioxide levels
Ken Collins NOC/coastal sublittoral ecology Environmental evaluation of construction materials, Coastal ecology – GIS habitat mapping
Douglas Connelly NOC/Marine Chemistry Measurement, Modelling and Verification of CO2 storage for the developing CCS industry
Enrico Costanza Electronics & Computer Science Human/computer interaction
Andrew Cruden Engineering & the Environment (Energy Technology) Electric vehicles/energy storage/renewable energy/condition monitoring
Tony Curran Public Engagement Fellow (FEE) Public engagement of the issues and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.
Stephen Darby Social and Human Science Ecosystem services and impact of climate change  
Ian Dawson Faculty of Business, Law and Art  How perceptions of risks associated with global human population growth influence willingness to consume less, travel less using fossil-fuel powered vehicles, etc
Pelin Demirel Southampton Business School
Justin Dix NOC
Craig Dolder FEE (ISRV) Utilizing acoustics to produce practical solutions to complex problems, sustainable energy
Gabriele Durrant Social & Human Science/Geography Energy data on households and environmental attitudes
Agnieszka Dzielendziak FEE Sustainable composites for marine applications
James Dyke Geography and the Environment Complex systems, Earth system science, ecology, evolution, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, socio-ecological systems, systems dynamics.
Ben Earl Southern Water Water Efficiency Manager
Felix Eigenbrod Biological sciences, Faculty of Natural and Environmental Science Environmental sustainability
John Evans Natural and Environmental Sciences (Chemistry) Laser pump X-ray probe methods to study structures during catalytic reaction steps lasting from pico- to micro-seconds
Ismael Falcon-Suarez NOC Thermo-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical coupled phenomena related to CO2 sequestration activities (geophysical and geomechanical approaches)
Zafar Fatmi Faculty of Medicine, Human Development & Health Unit Solid fuel use and coronary heart disease among women in low income countries, particularly Pakistan
Esmé Flegg NOC Climate change impacts, adaptation and legislation in port environments
Jörg Fliege Social & Human Science- matematics
Gavin Foster NOC Professor in Isotope Geochemistry and Palaeoceanography
Jeremy Frey Natural and Environmental Sciences (Chemistry/digital economy) Use of digital technologies to quantify and adapt to atmospheric change.
Simon Gerrard Research & Innovation Servcices Industrial Liaison Manager, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)
Richard Hall External Programme Manager for Future Solent  
Nick Harris Physical sciences & engineering/ECS Energy harvesting sensor nodes
Ian Harwood Faculty of Business, Law and Art
Sonia Heaven Faculty of Engineering and the Environment Biological systems for energy production, biomass production for biorefineries and pollution remediation.
Daniel Heikoop Faculty of Engineering and the Environment Human factors in transportation
Mehdi Hendijanizadeh Faculty of Engineering and the Environment Modelling, design and optimization of renewable energy systems, vibration energy harvester and hybrid propulsion systems.
Tim Henstock NOC  geological storage of carbon into oceanic crust
Paul Hughes Social & Human science (Geography) Carbon accumulation in peatlands
Ben Hume NOC Adaptation of tropical corals to warming oceans
Matthew Humphreys Senior researchh fellow Ocean & Earth Sciences understanding the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and surface ocean & its transfer into the interior ocean, to assess process changes in response to increased anthropogenic atmospheric CO2


Rachel James Professor of geochemistry, Ocean and Earth Sciences Use of stable and radiogenic isotopes to explore the links between weathering, ocean chemistry and climate change/methodologies to monitor and assess impact of leakage from sub-seafloor CO2 storage sites/effects of Arctic warming on the stability of sub-seafloor methane hydrate
Patrick James Engineering and the Environment Energy use in the built environment/micro-generation technologies
Zheng Jiang Engineering and the Environment Solar Fuels/Energy efficiency/Heterogeneous Catalysis/New chemical engineering process/CO2 capture, activation and utilization/Nanostructured functional materials and devices/First principle theory calculation of Semiconductors
Dinesh Kahanda-Koralage Engineering and the Environment Energy technologies
Paul Kemp Engineering and the Environment Professor of Ecological Engineering, co-Chair of NEXUS Science USRG- understanding complex relationships between sectors to manage resources in environmentally sensitive ways
Denis Kramer Engineering and the Environment Electrochemical energy conversion technologies/computational materials design (based on DFT) with advanced electrochemical characterisation and synthesis techniques to discover technology-enabling materials for fuel cells and batteries/electrochemistry of oxide surfaces, thermodynamics of binary nano-particles, and phase stability of multi-component systems in aqueous environments.
Simon Kemp Engineering and the Environment Sustainable development/zero waste in industrial networks
Attila Lazar Engineering and the Environment Assessing the link between climate change, ecosystem services and socio-economic changes
Tim Leighton Engineering and the Environment Carbon capture and storage/undersea detection of leakages
Chenxuan Li Senior research assistant, Business and law Marine insurance, shipping finance, ship sale & purchase and shipbuilding
Roberto Lot Professor of automotive engineering Energy technology, electric hybrid vehicles
Matt Loxham  Clinical and Experimental Sciences, FoM Understanding how air quality affects health: toxicological effects of airborne transition metal particulates on airway epithelial cell function
Zudi Lu Social & Human Science/Mathematics Climate change; Adaptation; Mitigation; Human impact ; Policy; Economics; Social dynamics
Jacob Mackenzie Optoelectronics Research Centre
Chiara Marieni NOC Sequestration of anthropogenic carbon emissions through a geological approach
Robert Marsh NOC Oceanography and climate, using models to project ongoing and future changes
Juerg Matter Ocean and Earth Science Carbon dioxide capture and storage via in situ mineral carbonation in basalt and peridotite; monitoring and accounting techniques for carbon management; climate change mitigation; solute and reactive transport in saturated media; tracer hydrology
Nikki Matthews Research and Innovation Services Collaboration Manager – Sustainability and Environment
Rachel Mckerracher FEE Developing nanomaterials for application in novel batteries
Ben Mills FPSE monitoring air quality
Jackie Milne Research and Innovation Services Collaboration Manager - interdisciplinary research
Tim Minshull Ocean and Earth Science Gas hydrate mapping/climate change
Luke Myers Engineering and the Environment Marine current turbines, Microgeneration, Wind power generation
Alberto Naveira-Garabato NOC
Robert Nicholls Engineering & the Environment Coastal Engineering, effects of climate change, resilience of coastal energy supply
Matthew Nicholson Southampton Law School
Johan Nordensvard Social & Human Science The social implications of low carbon development and education policy in developing countries.
Alexandros Ntovas Faculty of Business, Law and Art The role of inter-generational, international, and inter-cultural relations in protecting the sustainability of the planet
Carmine Ornaghi Faculty of Social, Human & Mathematical Science (Economics)

Empirical industrial organisation; economics of innovation; competition policy
Martin Palmer NOC
Anna Parry Greentech South Project Manager
Christopher Pearce NOC Development and application of novel stable isotope techniques to geological and environmental issues; currently using the stable Sr, Mg and Ca systems to resolve changes in carbonate productivity during the Cenozoic
Kelvin Peh Natural and Environmental Sciences Ecosystem service assessment project to develop and test tools for rapidly assessing the net impact of site-based conservation on the provision of ecosystem services
David Phillips Medicine (MRC LEU)
Carlos Ponce-de-Leon Albarran Engineering and the Environment Electrochemical engineer in energy storage/electrochemical strategies for pollution control and redox flow cells for energy conversion   
Matthew Potter Post-Doc researcher, Chemistry (FNES) Developing novel catalytic systems for sustainable chemical reactions. Development of optical-fibre based reactors. Photocatalysis
Alex Poulton Principle Investigator, NOC Biological oceanography: role of ocean biota in global carbon cycle in the past, present and future
Robert Raja Chemistry Single-site heterogeneous catalysts, selective oxidation, asymmetric synthesis, renewable energy, sustainable development, nanotechnology, multifunctional films & coatings.
Francesco Rentocchini Southampton Business School
Ed Richardson Engineering and the Environment Energy systems for power and propulsion/Modelling of multi-phase fluid dynamics and turbulent spray processes/Turbulent combustion simulation, theory and modelling/Diesel engine combustion processes/Stratified combustion phenomena/Utilisation of Liquefied Natural Gas and other cryogenic energy vectors/Environmental dispersion of aerosols and reactive pollutants
Giles Richardson Applied Mathematics
Andrea Russell Chemistry Electrochemistry, Electrocatalysis, Spectroelectrochemistry, Infrared, Raman, EXAFS
Tom Rushby Postgraduate Research Student MSc Architecture : Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies
David Sanderson Engineering and the Environment Modelling of deformation and fluid flow in the Earth's crust/integration of field based and theoretical studies of faulting, fracturing and fluid flow, with applications in the hydrocarbon, minerals and engineering industries
Pier Sazio Physical Sciences & Engineering (Optoelectronics) Carbon utilisation
Alba Serna-Maza Research Fellow, FEE Bioenergy, biomass to methane, bioreactors, anaerobic digestion        
Suleiman Sharkh Professor of Power Electronics Machines and Drives FEE characterization and management of advanced batteries;power electronic converters for microgrids; gas micro-turbine energy recovery systems
Kate Schreckenberg Engineering and the Environment Natural resource governance/community forestry/institutional options for verifying legality in the forest sector/forests in climate change policy, understanding how REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) may affect poor people’s livelihoods/equitable management of ecosystem services
John Shepherd Ocean and Earth Science Climate change, especially natural variability of the climate system on long time-scales/development and application of intermediate complexity models of the Earth climate system
John Shrimpton Engineering & the Environment Fluid mechanics of single and multiphase fluids containing electric charge, such as charge injection atomizers for fuel oils, RF plasma systems and PEM Fuel cells
Harriet Smith Engineering & the Environment Examining the charcoal trade in sub-Saharan Africa as a rural livelihood strategy, a potential sustainable source of renewable energy and a driver for pro-poor development
Sebastian Stein Electronics and Computer Science Mechanism design and incentive engineering for smart grid and crowdsourcing applications
Clint Styles FEE Business development officer and bid support
Rebecca Sykes Technology Innovation Leader, Lloyds register Offshore renewables (Structures, hydrodynamics, metocean, risk)
Charles Taylor Consultant and Technical Writer
Gail Taylor Natural &Environmental Science Woody plants as sources of renewable energy for heat, power and liquid biofuels such as bioethanol/the link between genes and environment and long-term adaptation to rising CO2 in plants/bioenergy value chains
Damon Teagle Ocean and Earth Science Formation and evolution of the ocean crust/Ocean floor hydrothermal systems/Global geochemical cycles/Analytical geochemistry/Modern analogs of ancient mineralization 
Alex Templeton Director, The Farm Energy Project Profitable, low-emissions farms to play a key role in supplying renewable energy to sustainable communities
Matthew Terry Natural & Environmental Sciences (Centre for Biological Sciences) Regulation of chloroplast development and photosynthesis in plants and algae
Mirco Tonin Visiting Professor, Faculty of Social, Human & Mathematical Science (Economics) Behavioural, public and labour economics
Clive Trueman National Oceanographic Centre (Marine ecology) Carbon isotopes in fish otoliths
Ngoc Truong Research Fellow, Electronics and Computer Science Applied Machine Learning to Smart Grid (Home Energy Management) in order to minimise CO2 emissions
Mikis Tsimplis Faculty of Business, Law and Art
Sien Van der Plank FEE Behaviour and perceptions of people in coastal communities to coastal flood risk
Anotoliy Vorobev Engineering and the Environment Understanding and modelling of the dynamics of multiphase flows with undergoing phase transitions, including the dynamics of flows through porous media
William Webb PhD Chemistry Electronic Engineering
Amy Welch PhD candidate, FEE Impacts of climate change on developing countries (particularly deltas) and the role of engineered interventions  
Neil Wells NOC Large scale ocean modelling -heat fluxes and heat content change/ Application of ARGO data sets to determine ocean heat content change/air-sea interaction from seasonal to decadal change/ Storm surges and tidal interaction in coastal seas-relationship to climate change
Richard Werner Faculty of Business, Law and Art Banking for sustainable development
Paul White Engineering and the Environment Signal processing, underwater acoustics and bioacoustics/detection of undersea pipeline gas leaks
Nicholas Woodman Engineering and the Environment Dynamics of fluid flow and transport through the heterogeneous sub-surface/domestic energy consumption
Fiona Woollard Humanities (Philosophy) normative and applied ethics/significance of deontological distinctions e.g. the distinction between doing and allowing harm
Yue Wu Faculty of Business, Law and Art Reader in Management Science
Zheng-Tong Xie Engineering and the Environment Large-Eddy Simulation for flow/Modelling interaction of fluid and slender structures, e.g. large wind-turbine blades
Andrew Yool National Oceanography Centre Global-scale plankton ecosystem modelling/Biogeochemistry of the ocean's carbon cycle/Role of nitrification in the ocean's nitrogen cycle/Geoengineering
Yue Zhang Engineering and the Environment Anaerobic digestion, Bioenergy production, Organic waste management, Heavy metal removal, Water and wastewater treatment
Davide Zilli PhD Physical Sciences & Engineering (ECS)    
Mark Zwolinsky Physical Sciences & Engineering (ECS) Academic staff


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